It is an inherent & inevitable characteristic of human nature, I believe, to go looking for the truth. We seek truth about ourselves as individuals & the truths about the universe at large. (Deeply ingrained within us is the expectation that we will indeed figure it out). We share the belief that finding the truth will ultimately bring the seeker only and all good things: Peace, love, justice, joy, safety & salvation.

We envision the truth as a magical set of laws that the universe & all things & all its creatures are governed.

We talk of poetic truth, human truth, scientific truth, metaphysical truth, half truth, whole truth, plain truth, simple truth, hard truth, ugly truth, brutal truth, sweet truth, mean truth, gospel truth, harsh truth, and absolute truth…

When in doubt of the truth, it is our inclination to stick to facts, to logic we already know… this is where fact and truth compromise and we are led astray by our collective tendencies to equate fact & truth or logic & reality.

Truth? Humans are not always logical in our nature. We are also emotional. And emotions are not based on logic.

As a writer, I tend to assume that truth resides in a story. But still, as a story is easy to forget, like the language itself, can both reveal and obscure the truth. Also, stories are all delivered differently, depending on who tells them. Each side has a change in the entire feeling of the story being told. Truth may not be what you want or expect it to be. Truth can hurt or bring joy and happiness. Truth also isn’t always logical, it can be emotional, irrational. Truth just is… and in life, I believe, we eventually come upon the truth, either on purpose or by accident. Truth has a way of being found… eventually.
~ Jen Lefever Wood


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