Words in Stone.

I am the dreamer and the dream. I am everything that is nothing, the spark of soul, fire of the heart, ember of love. I am up and down, top and bottom, strange and charmed. I am the woman clothed with the sun and the child swaddled in darkness. I am the tissue of contradiction, the eye in the needle, the needle in the eye. I am the insubstantial and absolute idea, the hammer that shatters your skull with vision. I am the color you have not named, the light which makes all visible except itself. I am the wave of reason, the particle of faith. I am the star in the cosmos and the atom with the universe inside. I don’t seek, I find. I am the writing on the wall, the unutterable speech of stone…

~ Jen Lefever Wood


2 responses to “Words in Stone.

  1. This is absolutely beautiful and heart-felt Jen. Keep up with the inspiration you provide me as I am sure you do with many others with your blog. I look forward to reading more of your work.

    Love, Peace and Blessings,
    Dianne Furphy

    • Dianne – Thank you. Anything I write comes right from my soul. My words written in my books, journals, and on the new pages of my brand new blog are uncut and real. I don’t know what I’d do without the freedom to write. It cleanses my mind and I love letting go and hearing what my spirit has to say. I have many things I’d like to add to this blog, as I have been through so much in my life. I’m still deciding exactly what I think my readers would enjoy, and also, even more so, what I would enjoy to express and share as well. Not all days are beautiful and inspirational. Sometimes in life we are darker and it rains inside our souls. These things, these darker places I don’t mind remembering because it’s humbling, and it makes me appreciate my life today… that much more. If you keep up with my work, you will learn a lot about a girl who has been down to the very bottom and who has also through strength, and many other things, risen up again.

      Life is a journey.. and I look forward to sharing more of mine.
      ❤ – Jen

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