Alice in Wonderland with the caterpillar who smokes the hooka, and blows in his smoke rings the question…’Who…are…you…?’ ~ A difficult question to answer…



If I was me
Who would I be?
If I was the I, I
Wanted to be, looking
At me, what would I see?
If I’m not me,
Then who am I, who
Am I hiding, and for
What reason, why?
Am I ashamed
Of becoming the me
That is I? Yes to the question..
I hide me sky-high.
Yes, high in the sky,
High as a kite
So high was I, I was
Not me, that’s right.
Me, who is that, who is me
Who is she?
She must have been someone,
Somebody has seen me..
Who that is, I know its
Not I, it’s not I or me
Who has seen me or I.
Then who, I ask, has seen me,
Has seen I..
Who am I? I’ve been wondering..

~J Lefever

For more great pieces, go to FROM THE DARK. It is an excellent blog with some very real & bold poetry. There is a piece written that reminds me very much of this piece of mine. It is called It Was One and you can get there by clicking the link provided! Enjoy!


3 responses to “I.

  1. I’m really glad you made a pingback to this. This poem is amazing. I have a wall in my bedroom that is covered in all of my favourite poems. This is going up there as soon as I get home from work. Amazing.

    • I think yours is awesome too! I had to mention you on Tryst because our pieces share the same emotion, I think, and I love to display the different writing styles. I’m honored to be on your wall darling! Muchos gracias! ~ Jen

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