Fire & Ice

Wearing nothing but black lace and a spray of cologne

I know she’s in the room, I know I’m not alone.

Everywhere I seem to go, all the places I find

Her exquisite presence is noticed, I can’t get her off my mind.

She will bring her heat, like a wild burning fire

She is wild in her eyes, her stare will take you higher.

But she can be cold, like frozen ice that’s blue

If you attempt to challenge her, I hope you think before you do…

So extraordinary, She seems to be

Underneath her nakedness, She is sensitive and sweet.

Don’t let the lace confuse you, or her enchanting ways stray…

She can play the deviant, on any given day.

She is fire, She is ice

She’s brave, She thinks twice

She uses any element, to her own widsoms advice…

So if She entices, and creates desire inside of you

Realize that is her game, playing tricks on you…

She makes you want to live, to risk, and to be…

She’s the strength I once had…

She’s the fire and ice in me.




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