All Caught Up & The Social Climber


People today… I can’t seem to get my head wrapped around their ignorance.  When did people lose control over reality and become so freakin ignorant? I could care less about the ‘He said – She said’ and I’m so over hearing about it.  I absolutely do not need to converse about others, good or bad, to feel good about myself.  Someone must be confused because I don’t recall sending out the message that I care about what anyone says, except for those people who are important to me like; my husband, my father, and a few select other loved ones & friends (all whom know who they are…)  For those that get ‘all caught up’ in the lives and business of others, how flattering if you find yourself giving me shout out’s, but really… have you nothing better to do? 

(Oh My God!! Did you hear… I totally have to tell you…)

Just to be clear, the motivation behind this post has nothing to do with some monumental event that has recently taken place where I have ‘heard’ some random, non-sense, farthest from actual truth babble that has me, yours truly, as the subject of conversation.  No.  My desire to write a short bit on how absurd I think people are comes from a string of events that have taken place over the last few months.  I must admit that there have been times in my life when I’ve opened my ears to the gossip of others, who hasn’t honestly, especially around this city… these people I know… geeze… that my husband and I both know, always have something to say about others.  But as the years pass, I have found myself more and more content with who I am, and the whole practice of honesty and other personal values of mine, has risen me up above those who are guilty of the ‘He said – She said’.  I call this a personal problem, the ‘it’s not me it’s you’ syndrome, the ‘my self-esteem is so low but no one will find out cause I’ll cover it up with a fake ego and a load of negative shit to say about everyone else’ epidemic.  And in the grand tradition of gossipers, they never cease to identify themselves as the most screwed up, and also, sadly don’t realize that to the people who have their shit together and are on the up & up, who have confidence and kindness, and who really, really do not care what others have to say, they don’t see that they are not fooling us, just themselves.  When people talk and talk about others, whether it’s true or not, embellishing the truth, using put-downs or even legitimate mistakes made by others, celebrating in the suffering of others, being down right cruel and ugly, and ultimately acting ‘as if’, as if they have never made a mistake or screwed up or done something that others could justifiably use against them. This is used mostly as a diversion tactic, diverting the focus, if any at all, off of themselves and on to another to avoid personal social problems, most of which are a result of self-inflicted chaos or low self-esteem that people just don’t like to admit to or fess up about.  In this case, it’s always much easier to point a finger at someone else, with the bold claim that their life is in complete dismay and they themselves have all the answers to everyone elses problems.  Ha-ha… am I the only one, besides my husband, who gets a laugh out of this?

climbing the ladder…

Another kind of display of internal personal struggle, covered up with the survival techniques meant to give the world the complete opposite view of what’s really going on, is in the Social Climber.  The Social Climber is the person who is obsessed with how others perceive them, who like to climb that social ladder living by the idea that it’s all about who you know and who knows you, and most importantly, what others think about you. The social climber is all about appearances.  They act ‘as if’ their life is so perfect and mistakes, drama, and/or faux pas are all a foreign language to them.  Drama? What’s that? My life is perfect. (…right?)  They are socially nice to everyone, but behind closed doors have something cruel to say about each and every one of them.  They entertain you and welcome you to their home, cooking and serving food and being a sweet Hostess, all the while knowing that they are faking their appearance to fit a certain social mold.  I swear, it’s all I can do to bite my tongue at times.  For this type of internal personal problem, one person in my life always pop’s up to the top of the list.  Mostly I’m quite entertained by sitting back and watching the charade that this person, the Social Climber, performs.  I think to myself, ‘does she really think I buy her display of fake hospitality as sincere?’ … or I think about how much I’d love to just come out and say, ‘just be real with me, trust me when I say, I won’t lose any sleep over it!’.  The only time this one single person I’m speaking of, bothered me on a personal level was right after my brother was killed.  Note that this is a person that should not have to be told that manners are a good thing to have, but after the handful of encounters with this person, I feel that it may be something they hear from me in the near future.  My purpose and point:  I’m not a doormat.  I love and respect myself.  If I feel as though I have been disrespected, I will say so.  I’m not quiet about that shit anymore.  For those who think that they can be rude and I’ll just be passive about it, I look forward to seeing you again.  The events I have experienced this year have made me stronger than ever.  For the ‘He said – She said-ers’, get a life.  And for The Social Climbers, get some manners.  That’s all for now…


 The higher a person climbs, the farther from reality they go… (and the farther they have to fall)

All Caught Up are you…   ?      Humm..


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