Written in the Stars


Fate. Can you make a mistake and miss your fate?

The space between the stars in our galaxy is so large, its vastness is quite unimaginable to the human mind. The stars are so far away, that when we look at them, up in the sky, they are only tiny little sparkles of light.  There are hundreds of millions of them are sprinkled against the dark, black galaxy.  So many more than we can even see, they are infinite.  We have, in the history of our existence, always been curious about the possibilities that our eyes allow us to see when we look to the sky, to our atmosphere, and to our galaxy.  And our galaxy is not the only one that is out there.  We are not the only galaxy, by far!  Through scientific studies we have measured it, the millions of miles between our world, our stars and other galaxies, but how do we know for sure that we have measured it accurately?  If you Google ‘galaxies’, it will tell you that there are 30,000 galaxies, approximately, up in our atmosphere!  That is truly Amazing! 

Today I have been thinking about fate. Fate or destiny is often regarded as the “course that life takes” and karma is one of the factors that influence this course. People often believe that fate cannot be changed, but is this really true?

Fate is known to be a predestined path that we each have, unique to our own lives.  Fate is known to be out of our control.  It is understood that, according to the placement of the stars and planets in the sky at the exact time of a person’s birth, those things determine a person’s character and their fate.  That which is said to be, ‘written in the stars’, our fate.  But, what is fate really?  And how do we know that fate really exists?  The Buddhists believe that, “Your destiny is shaped according to the combination of conditions pre-determined at birth and other factors that you are able to change through your own efforts.”  And see, that right there, is my question!  In a person’s life, if we wander off our ‘path’, ARE WE MISSING OUR FATE?

If a person’s fate is decided by a complex combination of conditions and factors, then it would seem we can’t change, or shape, or miss our fate. Some of these factors are already decided at the time of a person’s birth and some of them come into play later and shape the course further. There are five factors that form our fate or destiny: 1) tendencies of our soul, also known as karma. 2) family environment. 3) social climate. 4) our own efforts and self-discipline. And 5) the influences of other people.  Amongst the factors that shape our fate or destiny, some of them are settled and some are not.  It means that we have a certain scope to change our fate or destiny by our own efforts.  Factor 2 (the family environment) and factor 3 (the social climate) are elements that should be called the “destiny that is decided” before we are born; however, there is a great secret involved in these too. Namely, before each reincarnation we draw up a plan for our spiritual training and we are born having agreed to such details as our parents, the environment, the social climate and our gender. However, as soon as we are born into this world, we forget it.  Wow. 

So, am I living by my fate?  Am I, have I always been, on my path to my fate?  What about all of the hard moments, the bad choices and the tragic things that I have been through that were not of my choice and out of my control?  Have all of my moments been pre-determined for me?  Written in my fate?  Or have I, by the freedom of choice and by free will, led myself astray, down other paths, leading me into things that are far from what my fate had planned for me?  There are no tangible answers to these questions… and that drives the analytical part of my mind freakin crazy!!  I want to know if fate really exists!! 

What else do I know?  I know that we have the freedom of choice, as I have already said.  There is also karma.  Now I’m a firm believer in karma.  Karma is the, ‘you get what you give,’ the ‘what comes around, goes around.’  I have witnessed truths in these things!  Karma is very real, and it is very patient!  Karma watches and it waits.  For those people who think they can always come up on top by screwing people over, pushing others down to benefit themselves and by celebrating in the suffering of others, karma knows.  Karma will find you… where ever you are.  With this in mind, I believe that karma plays a big part in a persons fate.  How couldn’t it?  Buddhists say that karma is fate that cannot be escaped from.  (smiling… I think karma is bad ass)  We also have responsibility.  We are responsible for ourselves, for our choices, and our choices shoulder the outcomes for the results of our own mistaken decisions.  There is always a cause for everything, and that cause is always created by ourselves. 


 So, can we shape & conquer our fate?

The starting point to shaping our own fate is to abandon the cowardly attitude of blaming other people or our environment for our present unhappiness or mistakes; we must adopt the stance that “everything is our own responsibility.” Yes!  Nothing disappoints me more than watching someone point their finger at someone else, someone who is not accountable for anything.  In addition, it is important to change the state of our mind, reflect on the tendencies of our own soul and break free from committing the same mistakes again.  I have worked very hard to not only be accountable but to also break free from my past, not re-visit mistakes, and build a real sense of integrity.  And… this feels extremely good!  🙂

I believe that if I observe myself and others with an enquiring mind, if I minutely analyze the habits, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses of my soul, and if I continually strive to change myself and discard my current self: then I will be able to guide my fate into the kind of life that fulfills the desires of my soul. 

When I have a problem or when I am going through something tough, I tend to think/feel like it’s a much bigger deal than it really is… looking up at the sky, I can, for the moment, get out of my head and tell myself how little & insignificant I am compared to the miraculous wonders of this universe. Can you even imagine…?  I do believe in fate.  I believe that we are also the guide of our fate.  I think that the ‘pre-destined’ elements that are layed out for us at birth are there, but it’s up to us to lead the rest of the way.  Like the saying, ‘I’ll lead you to water, but you must teach yourself to drink,’ in my life, I have been lead through part of the way, but it’s up to me to keep walking, and to choose which way I’ll go.  Fate has lead me here, and karma has my back, so tomorrow I am blessed with another day on my path, let’s see which way I choose to go…

~ Jen


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