Phrase of Mind.

  Phrases –

Being the faithful and loyal lover of writing and of expanding my knowledge of the english language, and other languages for that matter, I was sitting here today thinking of all those funny little phrases we use when we are trying to animate our stories and make colorful conversations.  Phrases are a couple of words put together that creatively mean something else; a sequence of words that collectively have two, sometimes three meanings.  It’s being able to communicate, usually an action, without just going out and saying it, like; saying that she ‘spilled the beans’, this phrase really means that she, who ever it was, told information that was intended to be kept a secret.  Have you ever told some one to, ‘cut to the chase’?  …this phrase means to hurry up with what ever the person is saying and get to the end, or the point, of it.  Or how about, ‘caught red handed’, which means that you or someone has been caught in the act of doing something that they probably should not be doing. 

  …and a bunch of little catch phrases!!)

So, in my curiosity, I thought to myself, I’m sure there are ton’s of funny, cute or ironic phrases out there that I’ve never even heard before.  So I did some research and I was amazed at what I found!! There are tons & tons of them!!  I even got information on how they were originally made, where the ‘phrase’ came from.  Here are a few that I have never heard before and thought were so great:

“Had your chips” – Someone’s luck has run out and they are close to failure.

“Right as rain” – Completely correct, proper, sound and healthy.

“See a man about a dog” – Unwilling to reveal the true nature of ones’ business

“At loose ends” – There’s not much of anything to be done; life is a little dull and boring.

“Axe to grind” – Something to gain for yourself for a selfish reason; flattery or trickery used to get a favor from another person.

These phrases were just a few of the hundred I found.  Check them all out and their histories at

Phrase of the day –

So, with all these to read over and choose from, I gotta have a phrase of the day today… And I’m going with this one: “Working hard or hardly working” – this phrase is a play on words, cleverly stating that the person is one or the other, complete opposite, either hard at work, or not working at all… I’m at work right now… which one am I?  Hum, I’ll leave that answer blank for now 🙂

I plan to educate myself more on these little phrases, as I like the cleverness about them! I love creative expression and I enjoy expanding my knowledge of the english language.  Being able to communicate efficiently, eloquently and properly has always appealed to me. 

~ Jen


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