Complicated Escalations of the World


Another one of those times when I’m lost in my mind, debating the contradictions, what is socially acceptable & what is not, hypocrites and the judgemental who create a certain persona that they are, I despise even typing it because it makes me sick, the perfect person. Those who strive for perfection only set themselves up for failure, so stop trying so hard to get the world to see you a certain way, that which you think is personal perfection only for internal gratification, that image of you, yourself having all things figured out…isn’t that exhausting? Who cares? Why do so many people care what everyone else thinks? Keep in mind, most people don’t have a clue what really goes on in a person’s life except those close to them. So the next time you hear something, seriously consider the source. If you don’t, and you internalize an automatic belief that what you’re hearing is true, you have just become the idiot.
Social trends can explode through out our society. What we are exposed to when we are young adults, going back to high school, post high school and into college can shape and mold us more than we are ever aware of at that time. There are things we do out of curiosity, peer pressure, coping mechanisms or ways to escape reality, and even things that are honestly fun and constitute a rockin good time…


But where is
The line of what is socially acceptable as we travel into adulthood? Consumption is okay but in moderation, right? The escalating complications of the world, all human inflicted, continue to stir quite the controversy. If, a persons extracurricular desires don’t create utter chaos and havoc in their life, are they still considered a delinquent? A black sheep, bad seed, negative influence, an outcast, shameful or of bad or no values, or a person with integrity or having wholesome goodness? And who in this world is so “holier than thou” that they get to make these judgements?  Especially if they are guilty of obtaining their facts from sources other than direct and further more, use only those second-hand words from others in which to base their judgements upon a person and then recycle them, when in fact, they have only known of that person… they have never been a part of the person’s life. So there is no, one on one, actual real-time spent to collectively say, “yes, indeed, I have gotten to know him or her”. 

‘Labels’ that are placed on us as we develop ourselves, are not always correct. In fact, most times I’d say they are dead wrong. This is due to the truth that, especially when we are in the young adult phase of our lives, we experiment with our character to find what fits. We go through many changes before we ‘settle’ into ‘who we really are’. Making those ‘labels’ that others place on our shoulders null and void. Again, who ever said that just because one person said one thing about another, that it is justifiably true!?! Furthermore… who deserves to permanently get stuck in their past except those who have self chosen to not learn by their past and stays there themselves?

Personally, I have owned my life. It took time for this to happen. I was not born with these wisdoms.  I earned them through time, through out my life. I also own my past. This took a very long time to happen. But I’m not living in my past at all, so who is the one stuck there?


I know I have to check in with myself all the time. How do I perceive myself today? Am I able to distinguish myself as real? Do I live my truths, beliefs and virtues? Do I rise above second-hand information and do I restrain myself from recycling it? Do I care about my labels or others labels? And do I lose sleep over judge mental nobodies? (Smiling) I’ve come along way…


to be myself… I’m ready to put another day to rest, under the moon, I’m so tiny compared to the magnificent miracles of this world, but this world wouldn’t be complete… without the miracle of me.
~ Jen


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