The Standard American

The weekends have taken on a whole new meaning for me.  I worked in the Hospitality Industry for 16 years, both front and back of the house.  With that work I was always working on the weekends, either cooking or serving through dinner service. Any hope for me to go out and enjoy the amenities of Kansas City, libations of the night life or just going out for a really great dinner, were slim to none.  Do I miss this work, yes. Do I miss the hours, hell no!!

I have wondered over to the Standard American box, working the nine to five, monday through friday.  While this ‘Standard-American’ lifestyle has a few perks: nights are free to be home or go do what I want, and weekends are always time to rest and play… I have to say, deep down inside my soul, I will never truly be happy living like this.  I find it rather boring.  Just like everyone else.  Ordinary.  The kind of structure that people who never go beyond the minimum requirements, who never push themselves to be greater, who are completely satisfied living the same, boring, ordinary, just like everyone else life… I am not one of those kinds of people.

A very cool person put this perspective in my head just this last Wednesday.  This person, whose opinion and judgement I trust very much, said that I’m a free spirit.  And that she believes I’ll always be seeking more, during the time I spend living the ‘Standard-American’ life.  (I’m already bored with it…) The whole idea of this being it… well, that’s just not good enough for me.  This world is huge, it’s magnificent, full of things to see and do… just as I start to feel suddenly claustrophobic, I realize the possibilities of my tomorrows and it’s alright.  I know that I won’t be stuck in this box forever… the ‘Standard-American’ lifestyle is not a permanent fit for me, ‘It’ and ‘I’ don’t mesh well together.

So circling back to my weekend excitement… it is friday today. The end of the ‘Standard-American’ work week.  Tonight I have a comedy show to look forward to and dinner with my husband. Sounds like a ‘Standard-American’ date night, doesn’t it?  Well, regardless, I love doing anything with my husband, so ‘Standard’ or not, nothing with him is ordinary. For how well I know myself, I’m glad that there is at least one other, (that person I mentioned earlier who called me a free spirit…).  It’s nice to know that I, at least, don’t form to the ‘Standard-American’ and that I maintain my individuality enough that others can see it. 

Never lose who you are in the structure of how society thinks we should live and work to be a respected citizen and member of society.  How boring is that?

~ Jen Lefever Wood 10/12/2012


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