Hit me Up!!


As always and ever before… I must express my appreciation and gratitude for those of you have visited and read my words. It means a lot to me as a writer! Whether you like, love or hate my pieces… you still took the time to read my work. Thank you for that!   

..Post a comment…Tell me what you have to say…   :)


I love and enjoy reading comments from all of you after each post.  If you have something to say, please don’t hesitate to send your comment my way! No matter what it is… I can handle it! If you would like to contact me Via E-mail for any other reason, feel free to do so: jfever0536@yahoo.com


You can also find me on Twitter @JLFever & @thinkspeaktryst.


Thank you so much for stopping by Think. Speak. Tryst

~ Jen


14 responses to “Hit me Up!!

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  3. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

    • Oh wow!! What an honor!! Thank you so very much Miss Hannah!! I truly love my Tryst Family and want you to know that YOU (My Tryst Family) are the most important part of my space!!

      Thank you for this. I haven’t been writing much the past 2 months, I have had many things going on. On that note, I’m over due for a Tryst Update .. so my T. Fam can know what’s been up with me .. (Putting that on my to-do list!!!)

      Have a beautiful day!! XOXO ~ Jen

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