Sarcasm – The Sugar Coated Insult

 Sarcasm is witty language used to convey insults or scorn. You are actually saying the opposite of what you mean to make a joke. 
Sarcasm can be so much fun! It takes a level of intelligence to: 1. Be quick and witty enough to use sarcasm at the right moments and 2. To comprehend when sarcasm is being used, either towards you or someone else. Not everyone has the ability to use sarcasm.  When it is used properly, it can surely cut someone down to size, displaying how uneducated, irrational, or just plain stupid someone is. Sarcasm can be harsh, bitter derisional or ironic. 
 Sarcasm is a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.
Say somebody is wearing a really ugly shirt, and you go and tell them “nice shirt” that’s an example of sarcasm. Or say you are really bored and aren’t having any fun at all and you’re like “well.. this is fun…” that’s another example of sarcasm.

 Sarcasm is a form of irony where a person says the opposite of what is really meant, almost a clever way to be offensive, insulting or rude. 
It’s a completely fake-polite form of communication in which the person using sarcasm is given the opportunity to cut someone down in a sugar-coated linguistic that leaves the other person scratching their head, thinking, ‘Did I just get insulted? or not?’. If the person, however, picks up in the sarcasm, they then have the chance to rebuttal with opposing sarcasm, but this takes, as I said earlier, quick wit and intelligence, and, unfortunately for some, not everyone can respond quick enough to the original sarcastic remark to earn their place as a sharp-tongued individual and master of the english language. For example, if a boss loads extra work on you when you already feel overworked and you say, “Thanks a lot,” that would be sarcastic, because you really don’t feel thankful at all. You feel quite the opposite, in fact. If the boss picked up on this quickly enough, he/she could respond, “oh you’re so welcome! You’re enthusiasm is appreciated, in fact, how would you like to give a lecture to the staff tomorrow on maintaining enthusiasm in the office?” (Shiiiiiiiiiiit…)
 Sarcasm is quite common. You’ll hear it dozens of times a day if you keep your ears open.
Yes. It is true. Sarcasm is all around us. I was trained by a black belt in sarcasm growing up, so as an adult, I am quite good at being sarcastic, and at times, I really enjoy using this particular kind of communicating! It’s basically objecting, or pretending not to know about the blindingly obvious. But I mostly enjoy using it towards other people and seeing if they are smart or quick enough to realize that they have just been politely insulted. 
 Here are a few examples of what sarcasm is:
Saying something you don’t really mean… Usually in order to get laughter.

If someone tells a joke and it isn’t funny. Someone says hahaha. They don’t actually think its funny…
Sarcasm is where you say something but you don’t really mean it e.g i love homework it’s so fun.
A tone of voice of which shouldn’t be taken seriously 🙂
Saying something without being straight forward…
The use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
Saying the opposite of what you really mean and saying it in a snide way.
So, sarcasm are particular displays of understatement or overstatement to convey insult or irony with a bitter, sharp or cutting intent or to ridicule or mock harshly.
Of course, sarcasm isn’t always making appearances in my life.  I choose the right and appropriate moments in which I insert sarcasm.  But when it’s called for, when the mood is right, I’m always armed with the quick, witty banter of sarcasms charms and have had quite a bit of practice using it. Tha art of my sarcasm can only continue to improve itself the more I use and practice it, and for those who my sarcasm is directed at, (smiling..), I hope you know that I appreciate the opportunity to display my intelligence against the lack of yours. 🙂
And… That’s all for now.
~ Jen

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