Today… my hero let me down…


That one person who I have always looked up to.. wanting to know their wisdom’s and strive to have the success they have.  Since the very moment that I could understand… I knew who my hero was.  My hero is a person who does things just for the good of them.  He is not selfish with his wisdom’s, he shares them, and he has shared them with me.  Yes, He has taught me many things.  He has taught me not to judge a book, not to judge people, and not to judge myself based upon a mistake made.  He has taught me to choose the people in my life very carefully, to look inside people, and that people are not what they have, but what they do.  He has taught me that you do a kind thing for someone, just to be kind.  If you expect praise or recognition or a hundred ‘Thank you’s’, then it is no longer a kind thing.  He says that holding on to anger and resentments is poison for your soul, and it will eventually lead to a lonely life.  Letting go and forgiveness are great virtues to practice and have in life.  He has taught me give without expecting to receive and that selfless acts are rare but virtuous.  My hero has taught me so many things, I could go on writing for days.  In my life, regardless of the mistakes I have made, I have carried these lessons, these wisdom’s, these virtues, I have carried my hero’s words in my heart, everywhere I go. 

I know that he is just a person, and that all people make mistakes.  But today was hard on me because it was a matter so close to my heart, that no matter how hard I tried to fight it, my emotions got involved.  Yes, my emotions.  My sensitive and tender internal feelings of the heart that make rationale difficult sometimes.  But as my hero would say, at least I posses the ability to at least know that.  I am a woman and my hero is a man, so sometimes we laugh with each other because as men and women are so very different, at certain times, my hero and I butt heads on a subject, and as stubborn as the two of us are, come to no truce, no conclusion, no understanding of the opposing side, and we kindly agree to disagree.  My hero and I teach us both things in life, at least, this is what I like to believe.  I know that because I am of a different generation, I have a lot to teach my hero, let him understand how different life is now, the battles we face, the controversial influences we are exposed to in society.  Yet, in me hero’s stubbornness, he doesn’t let me teach him much.  I think that I’ll always be his little student, and he will always be my teacher, my guide in life.  I could call him those things, my guide of life, also my muse, my mentor, my teacher of all things wise, but he really is my hero. 

So today, my hero did something that disappointed me.  And in that moment I had to remind myself that, in all his years, through all his life, the only way he has ever learned anything was through teaching himself.  As his wise words have told me, that, in life ‘you are your greatest teacher, and you teach yourself by making mistakes’.  He has said, it is what you do with the mistake, where you take it, whether you repeat it again or not, what you learn from it, that becomes the greatest lesson.  In this moment, I told myself that my hero is just a person too, and even though I look up to him so much, even my hero has moments when he may be wrong.  I thought about how imperfections make us unique.  I thought about how different people are, yet how we are still all the same.  And I told myself, how could this man be my hero if he never did anything wrong..?  One of the things I admire about him the most is how he has dealt with his mistakes.  Perfection is impossible, and a set up for failure if that is what I seek to achieve.  It is…unrealistic.  And even though my hero is as close to perfect as anyone can get, even he slips sometimes.  This was a good reminder of how we as people, will continue to make mistakes, or do something wrong from time to time, and that is perfectly OK!!


I said, today my hero let me down, but after writing this piece on him, I realize that he didn’t let me down, he taught me another valuable lesson.  He taught me that perfection is unrealistic, unattainable, and that even the most wise, those who teach and lead and guide, even those people slip sometimes.  He taught me that there will never be a day when I can wake up and say, ‘YES!! I know everything there is to know…’. That day will never come, because my entire life I will be learning and figuring things out, my searching for more wisdom will always continue, and the more wise I become, the more potential I have to learn more.  Thanks hero!!    🙂

~ Jen

(I don’t think it’s a cliche’ that my hero is my dad.  My dad is one of the greatest people I have ever known.  I admire him, honor him, and I watch so many others do the same as well.  My dad is my hero becsuse of the person he is… it’s just really cool to have such a great dad too!!)


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569705421582264186_PXzEQT5v_b  Me & Dad 🙂


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