Internal Wisdom’s.


It is easier said than done. Most of us understand this fact. Why is it so easy to give advice, but completely difficult, sometimes, to follow our own words..? I think that, many times in life, when we are in need of some advice, its the result of a chain of situations that have inevitably led us to a point in time where changes need to be made. And let me be real… to change is a difficult thing to do. In seeking advice from another, or having advice offered by another by outside observations, its generally due to the real fact that, changes are exactly what needs to happen in your life at that point. Whatever the situation, certain chains of events, decisions we have made and/or moments that have pivotal consequences like a traumatic event, change seems to be the answer. Changes in your relationship status, living arrangements or a profession/career… no matter what… we all dislike change. Listening to the advice of others, with different opinions & perspectives from different individuals, can be hard as well.

Change is uncomfortable. It calls for a period of adjustment, not just for yourself, but sometimes for others who may be close to you. Change asks you to stop doing what you’re used to doing, discontinue your routine and kind of start all over from scratch. It feels weird, at first, and for a while for some, until the new ‘routine’ starts to set in and you settle in to these new ways. But before all this ‘change’ takes place, its the person who’s advice we chose to follow & listen to that can make or break this important time for us. It can make it better and flow easily, or the advice we chose to follow can break us down even more. Its the ‘not-knowing’ part of life that drives me crazy when I ask others for advice!! Because if I knew, I would have no reason to seek out the wisdoms of others… I could just react and make the necessary steps toward my inevitable changes.

In my experience, I have been the advice giver and also the person who needs the advice. Haven’t we all? (Except those who think they are always right and just so perfect that they never need advice and never need to change. And sadly, yes, those ignorant people do exist and they are morons if you ask me. Utterly and completely out of touch with reality and suffering from a rather large chip on their shoulder.. And I use the word ‘suffering’ because that’s exactly what those people do. They point their finger and think all the wrongs in their life and the world as a whole is everyone else’s fault, never their own. Pure ignorance… anyway…) When someone takes their time to talk to me and analyze my situations, I am always grateful. Sometimes its really helpful getting another’s perspective. Other times, I hear myself in that spot, giving kind, compassionate and constructive advice, this is where I reach my point, I find that the words of wisdom coming out of my mouth are things that I should be applying to my own life… yet, much easier said than done! Why is this so ridiculous!!
I find these internal wisdom’s to be so valuable!! Listen to your own heart… your own soul. Sometimes the advice we need, the changes that need to be made and/or the answers to our puzzling moments are right inside of us all along!! I have a favorite bit of wisdom that resonates inside of me, and that I remind myself of quite often, and that is that… there are no ordinary moments. I need to pay closer attention to my internal voice because I know myself better than anyone!! So in following advice in my pivotal moments, who better to guide me than myself, yours truly.


… the answers to life’s toughest questions are right inside your own soul!! You will always be the most important person, to you, in your own life. “Keep calm & listen to your internal wisdom’s”

~ Jen

P.S. When I think about my toughest moments and how I sought out the advice of others, it was usually because I was afraid to tell myself the truth because in those times I was in need of great personal strength that I was struggling to find within… if I only gave myself the validation of knowing my strength, I could have heard my internal wisdom speaking to me.

Never ignore internal wisdoms!! Change is difficult, but good and necessary at times!! And if you can give the advice, you should also be an example of that advice!! That is all for now. 😉


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