Soul-Mates <3

imagesCA6WLJLT  My Souls Mate…

The very thought of just one person being meant for each of us, leaves us with a very unattainable love situation.  With the population of the world being over six billion, you mean to tell me that if soul-mates exist, I have a one in six billion chance of finding that person…?  Huh!  So, this makes me smirk a little at the vast ridiculousness of the whole situation.  And thinking about all of the people we will meet in our life time, how is it that, again, only one single person, will touch our souls in such a remarkable and memorable way, in such a way that we instantly know that this is the one soul parallel to mine, or yours, that I, or you, is meant to be with, for the rest of my, or your, life?  How can we possibly know that?!?  

There are many things to take into consideration here, as well.  Like how we grow and change so much every year.  With that growth, our wants and needs change too.  I certainly don’t want the same things that I did, say, ten years ago.  More recent than that, my wants and needs are different now than they were five years ago!  I have found myself to be much more independent.  I think about my future all the time, as opposed to living flying by the seat, sporadic and spur of the moment, when my motto was still ‘Carpe Diem’ and I’s sooner die than to live with any regrets!  Fortunately, as I have aged, I am much more calm and settled into myself.  I have found the real important things for myself and my soul.  I have, in my thirty-one years, really molded into my identity.

With that said, I am also a married woman.  I think about this concept of soul-mates and sometimes I like to believe that the man I chose to stand with for the rest of my life, is in fact my souls mate… but… also… the probability of me being so lucky as to find my soul-mate, against the statistics and all the odds, I find very unlikely.  Not to be a pessimist, but I am not very lucky.  Fortunate, yes… but lucky, no!!  If there is a lottery, I won’t be the winner.  If there is a raffle, I won’t be taking home the prize.  If there is a bet to make, I won’t be cashing in on that either… get my point?  I’m not lucky.  So, did I marry my soul-mate?  In the grand scheme of things, was I lucky enough in life to have actually found the mate to my soul…?

Maybe we have two soul-mates?  Maybe we can have a hundred!  If you ask me, I can tell you that my soul seeks different things from different people, but my soul also seeks things every day.  Maybe what we are looking for one day, can be found in crossing paths with someone.  I know that there have been times in my life that I’ve met someone, and only once, and they have touched my soul in a very memorable way.  Sometimes, someone says something, and it’s exactly what I needed to hear that day… strange how the world works, when a total stranger can mend some part of you, with a few words, without even knowing it.  It circles back to the paradox of this world, and how many unanswered questions we all have.


Is there really one person in this world that is meant for me? And when we are born, are we each cosmically matched up with one soul mate..?  With such small chances of us actually finding this person.. how many of us actually do? How many of us actually don’t.  Is the idea of soul-mates something that the hopeful romantics use to keep their hearts beating?  If so, what’s wrong with that anyway?  I don’t think that people should feel left out or tragically sad if their life changes and the person they thought was their soul-mate suddenly changes.  I think that is ok!  Maybe you have learned all you were intended to from that one soul, and now it’s time to move on the next one that’s going to leave remarkable and memorable impressions on your heart.

I like the idea of soul-mates… but my theory of these soul-mates is not traditional!  But then again, there is nothing traditional about me!!  That is all for now… ❤

~ Jen


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