images0  Illusions…

Sometimes the things we think we are seeing are just illusions playing with our minds. Like the act of being happy all the time, or a smile that is covering up what we are really feeling. Illusions. They are all around us. Have you ever been told that you are only hearing what you want to hear? Sometimes my mind can pick out only the things in a conversation that I want to hear, making the situation go my way, or exaggerating the emotional feelings that are present in the conversation.

What is an illusion really?…

The belief that everything is what it appears to be is just that, a belief. Illusions are a deceptive appearance or impression, something that deceives by producing a false perception or belief, or a misleading impression of reality.

Illusions play tricks on our perception and our sensations. Inside all living things, there are cells called sensory receptors. They can detect light, sound, temperature, pressure, odor, taste, pain, pressure, balance, etc. Most of these receptors are on or near the surface of the body such as our eyes, ears, tongue, etc., but some are internal. Thus, we sometimes experience a sense of pain with a toothache, headache, stomach-ache, etc.

imagesCAI4QATF  Each sensory receptor detects its own form of energy and transmits a signal to the brain. The reception of the signal in the brain represents sensation. How the brain interprets these signals and makes them meaningful is called perception. Sometimes the interpretation of the energy received is consistent, but other times our interpretation is incorrect. Scientifically speaking, these misinterpretations are called illusions. When we witness an illusion, we perceive something that does not correspond to what is actually there… to what really exists in the real world. Illusions fool us. They convince us of things that are not true.

Illusions are different from both hallucinations and delusions. Illusions are misperceptions that are perceived by most people, and are based on a specific stimulus received under certain conditions. Hallucinations are usually seen by only one individual. Hallucinations are false perceptions that occur in the absence of appropriate external stimuli, whereas illusions are misinterpretations of external stimuli that are, in fact, present. Delusions are different from both illusions and hallucinations. They are beliefs, not perceptions. A person may have delusions of grandeur (believing that he or she is a very important or famous person) or delusions of persecution (believing someone or something is out to harm them) when the facts clearly do not support these beliefs. Hallucinations and delusions are most commonly found in those who are mentally ill, or under the influence of mind altering substances… drugs.

So if we are fooled by an illusion, if we are being convinced of things that are not true, how do we find the reality and truth when we are swimming in this state of sensory perception that is determined to deceive..? The interesting thing is that we often seem to enjoy being fooled in this way! Can this be true? So if illusions are only in our minds, and we know this, why do we keep allowing ourselves be fooled by them when it comes to matters of the heart? Or matters of great importance to us? Why are we ‘allowing’ ourselves to be mind-tricked, or fooled, knowing the falseness will only devastate, complicate, or heart-break?

imagesCAU7FGNW   Illusions of the heart…

I know why I have allowed myself to be fooled by these illusions of love… I was given a heart that is full of love. Which makes me fragile, gullible, sensitive and easily fooled because I like to believe that people are all good and honest, and sadly, the world is not made up of many people like that. In my life, I have had a very hard turning my back on someone who has done me wrong, because I don’t like to walk away with the lasting impression that they had a black heart. This reality is hard for me to grasp, but some people are just not good for others. Some hearts just don’t mesh well together. So, for the ones that I have found that have true and honest hearts, I value and honor them! For so many others, I have been fooled by their illusions and with the scars that they left behind, I am here to remember not to get burned twice, to learn from what I have been through concerning matters of the heart, and that not all things, or people, are what they appear to be, or are what they feel like at first. In matters of the heart, take time to get to know the people you choose to be in your life, because the heart can be fooled by these illusions very easily. And when your heart has been hurt, it can take a lot to heal it and make it strong again.

~ Jen

(In my experience, when I have healed from a heart that has been bruised, I have always come out on the other side that much stronger, and my heart and all its strength, is very grateful for its many lessons so far…)


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