Thoughts from October. 2012.

October 3, 2012 ~ Thought of the Moment…

Listening to my gut. (also known as, intuition…) Often times, when I get that feeling in my gut and my intuition is trying to speak to me, I start an automatic debate in my head about what ever I’m feeling. I have a hard time going with my initial “feeling” because it’s just that, a “feeling”… it’s not tangible, not a fact, and I cannot prove it.  I have learned that most times, my gut “feeling” tends to be right, not always, but more times than not.  Yet, I still doubt, I still debate, I still sometimes, ignore.  Today, I want to trust my gut “feelings”, my intuition, and listen to what it’s trying to tell me.  Obviously, if my intuition sends me a message that possibly leads to something monumental, or even an emotional mini-drama, I’ll think before I act.. (knowing all actions have a reaction, and remind myself that intuition is not a proven fact, but a feeling, and wait for something tangible to pursue any action on the situation) So for the day, I will listen to my spirit, acknowledge my gut, good or bad, and see what it tells me.


 I am the Catalyst, defined by conclusion Reason.

October 4, 2012                                                                                                                        Goodbye Brick`

Built up like a towering wall, structure strong, a force to keep peace with
and not destroy… yet, one bad day, you find yourself throwing stones
with the emotional weather that is your storm
earth, wind, and water is and falls from the sky, weakening the Brick, the structure of it all…
Slowly you watch it fall.. Brick by brick
down to the ground, battered on your knees
brick scattered all around
Goodbye bricks that you’ve carried for so long
without this act of definition, there’d be no reason
for this song…
~ Jen

RAIN ~ October 5, 2012

When it rains, I always want to be outside in it.  I like to feel rain on my skin, soft, wet kisses from the sky… Sometimes when it rains, my soul feels real connected, to something outside of myself… If you just listen, what does the rain tell you…   ? Rain is the sky crying, Rain is the Earth’s wine and Rain is warm comfort for soul pain… RAIN ~

~ Jen


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