Soul Seduction


Soul Seduction


Like a string on a violin

I sit waiting for fingers

Magical enough to coax

A beautiful melody from me


I remember when she spoke

The first time I heard her voice

It was soft, it was instrumental

Her music vibrated from her


Caressing each delicate chord

With a determined passion

Drawing conclusions in the air

Of desire in the crisp night sky


Sounds of despair

Pierce through the air

With each aching breath of music

She quietly sings her song


A symphony soon erupts

Carried on sharp moonlit rays

Slicing through darkness

Inspiring a new work of art


Intrigued by her own

Musical creation of  her intimidated

Spirit speaking softly to her

As she breakes through the walls surrounding

Her soul


Then, just like it was

In the first moments she seduced

The strings of the voilin of her heart

She realized she was

The music of her soul


A Poetic Duet Written by Hastywords and ThinkSpeakTryst

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Soul Seduction


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