Daily Reflection (01/24/13)

Daily Reflection (01/24/13)
We are all human, right? Which means we are imperfect people in an imperfect world. Which means not everyday is going to be smooth for us. There will be bumps along the way, potholes to avoid, or fall into if you’re anything like me, and things that may test our patience and possibly cause us to lose our ‘cool’. Well, in times like these, I try as hard as possible to remember that feeding into my frustration &/or anger will only make things that much worse. I try to remember that when dealing with an angry person, not to be angry back. In these situations you get much more with a little sugar than you do with salt. Angry peeps have a short fuse already, so try a smile and some sweet politeness when dealing with someone who is not having the best of days! 🙂
I find that if I am the impatient person who isn’t having the best day, and I come across a person who, has complete disregard for my bad mood, and is smiling and happy and positive, it makes it that much harder for me to be cranky! Smiling is contagious!
So try to smile through out the day today, even if you hit a pothole or two, or run into an angry person while you’re out & about.. be nice & sweet, give them some sugar and see how much more receptive they are to that instead of bitter salt!
Have a beautiful day! ~ Jen


8 responses to “Daily Reflection (01/24/13)

  1. So true. Even knowing how to compartmentalize myself when I’m having a bad day so I don’t come across as angry to others, talking with someone who is in a good mood always helps to brighten my day.

    Anger still comes out in some of my poetry lol.

  2. What a terrible thing to say, you jerk! Oh, who am I kidding – I can’t stay mad at you with all that smiling! LOL just playing. I don’t really think you’re a jerk. I was just…sigh. You know. I’m overexplaining things because I’m sick.

  3. Then my job here is done for the day, and my desire to inspire is fulfilled! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s reflection.. (I am really enjoying doing these! I really hope to brighten up my followers days because you all mean so much to me!) (Smiling)

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