Daily Reflection (01/25/13)

Daily Reflection (01/25/13)
Ah, yes.. Forgiveness. The Buddhists will tell you that it takes a strong person to say ‘Sorry’, but an even stronger person to forgive. Think about it… It’s true! Forgiveness releases ill feelings that we may have toward another person, for any reason, and free’s us from harboring resentments. (Resentments I will elaborate another day, another reflection) While forgiveness feels good to receive from another, when you are the one forgiving, you are really giving yourself quite the gift. You are releasing all the ‘stuff’ you are forgiving for and moving forward.
Today, I’m thinking about some of the things, and people, that I still need to forgive. There are situations that occur in my life that are more difficult to deal with than others. In dealing with difficult situations, we don’t always handle things right, especially when emotions are involved. And on the flip side, I’m sure there are things in which I need to ask for forgiveness, as I don’t always do things right. Being mindful of these things is important. The act of forgiving, and to be forgiven happens when we are ready to let go and move forward. Forgiveness means that we don’t revisit the stuff we have forgiven for, if we did, then we haven’t really forgiven, have we?
Learn to let go & move forward. Forgiveness is a virtue that takes a lifetime to practice and master, and even then, we may not always forgive appropriately. Practice this virtue, because forgiveness really is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself!
Have a beautiful day! ~ Jen

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