The Free Write (Daily Prompt)


Daily Prompt (From yesterday’s line-up, but I chose to do it today!)

I am an addict. Yes, this I know. But I’m not just a heroin addict in sober recovery, I’m also addicted to shoes, and sushi, and iced chai tea. I’m addicted to hats, I can’t seem to get enough of them this winter season, and I plan to wear them well in to spring and summer. The reason I’m thinking of all my addictions is because, most recently, I have become addicted to the color purple and burning incense. Yes, I seem to buy everything in the color purple… Purple is a very good color, might I add! It’s the color of royalty, and since I’m a Leo, in astrological terms, I’m the king of the jungle. Since I live in the city, let’s make that a concrete jungle.. As for the incense, I just can’t get enough! I love the classic hippy Nag Champa, but anything lavender, not cause lavender is a shade of purple, but because the aroma is delightful! I also love honey-vanilla, and cinnamon. There are aromas that I’m not quite sure what they are, but the names I love, like Romantic Passion, Blue Ocean, Moonlight Path… yes these are all good…

 I said that it has been a while since I have really just sat down and written… free write, as I was discussing with a digital friend earlier this week. This is my Daily Prompt, except, not on the day it was intended to be.. Promptly speaking, I am outside the box, the rebel, the deviant, who doesn’t like to fit in the conforms of society, not like everyone else, maybe a bit strange, so as for me, I can freely write on friday and call it what I want, and I can write for free any day of the week, I can write to free my soul, I can write about freedom, and I can write about the things that are free in life, and I can write about what it feels like to be free, Tom Petty sang a song called ‘free fallin’, which was very good, and I can write poetry about what a free write means to me. As my time runs down and I’m almost done being the non-conformist with my words here I end with summing up this piece I just wrote, which is, my piece on addictions, but not that of heroin… Sorry Miss Heroin, you don’t get the spot-light this time, ha-ha! This is my piece on Purple things and incense, and shoes and hats, and all these words I got to write for free..

 ~ J. Lefever

For more posts on this Daily Prompt exercise, you can read them for free by clicking HERE! This link will lead you to Mr Edward Hotspur, who is a very talented writer, who will stimulate you not only intellectually, but comically as well! Enjoy! 🙂


16 responses to “The Free Write (Daily Prompt)

  1. Thanks lil mama!! Heroin is a very tough battle. To say the least… I love a good free write.. no rules, just rambling a string of thoughts, what’s on the mind in one big run-on sentence.. I’ve braved up & created a new category for my poems in heroin, heroin journals, one place to go to for the dark words that I have to say about the H. It feels good to get it out! ~ Jen

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