If I Could Run

This piece is nice. It’s simple, an easy read It leaves the reader with something to think about, which I like. And for me, for us, it expressed that we as the writers have not finished on our path and we are still searching for answers.. to.. things in our lives…

 Both of us, two very different walks of life, yet still so similar, whose paths have crossed and as we blend our words in a melodic meritage of artistic expression. If I could run, I probably would… at least for a while… to get fresh air and a change of scenery… to remove myself from the distractions of my city and influences in which I share an emotional connection with.



If I Could Run

A Poetic Duet written by Hastywords and Think. Speak. Tryst

If I could run
To anywhere but here
I’d run to the moon
To see the stars near
On the tail of a comet
I would fly across galaxies
Floating in the sparkling sea
Losing myself in zero realities
My reason to run
In the rear view behind
The haunting mistake
I’ll never rewind
I travel the universe
Looking for black holes
In hopes to find one
That no one knows
But reality sits grounded
Finding me running nowhere
I’m stuck confronting
What chases me from fear

~~ Hastywords & Think. Speak. Tryst ~~

For more beautiful words from the spirit of a beautiful woman visit Hastywords 

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Find If I Could Run on Hastywords with this link


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