To Paint the Wind and Sky

This delicate, beautiful piece came about through conversation this Saturday afternoon. The wise and talented writer Edward Hotspur and I wrote our first Poetic Duet on a whim, in the comments of Paper Cut – A Trifecta Post, on his delightful blog site. You can follow the links provided to see Hotspur’s wonderful work. I am blessed and honored to have had the opportunity to not only write with him, but to build a continuing comraderie through our shared love of writing.
To Paint the Wind and Sky
A Poetic Duet created on a Whim
Her words spoke honey to me,
Running down my thoughts and
Dripping on my soul.
Every time he returns his magical favor
Her heart soars through the painted sky
Like angels with sparkling wings
Even as she flies upon his words
He is inspired by the wings, the feathers
To create the wind and sky
Painting them with sunlight
As soothing as the view
They find comfort in the air
Her eyes sparkle like chocolate diamonds
As they communicate hand in hand
Looking at each other
They burst into smiles
Becoming the raindrops
Then falling back to earth
Soft like the ground
The trees dance in the breeze
Moments unbreakable, next to you
Bring me to my knees
Cheery blossoms falling
Softly like snow
Bury us in springtime’s arms
Embracing us with warm sunlight
As the daylight falls
The moon-lit glow falls gently upon us
Concluding a perfect tryst
Of two kindred vibrant souls
Written by Edward Hotspur & Think. Speak. Tryst

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