Daily Reflection on Tryst (01/28/13)



Daily Reflection (01/28/13)

 Come Again

 This morning something completely great happened! I woke up to my normal Monday routine, stumbled into my kitchen to make coffee, and opened my e-mail on my phone to find that I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award! Alex, a sweet blogging companion of mine, gave me the nomination and I am bursting with happiness at this great honor! So I was telling my husband, who was also getting ready for work, but I noticed he wasn’t really listening to me. It’s ok, I’m not super offended. I know it was early and we were getting ready for our day, but then I thought, how often are people speaking to me, wanting my full attention, and I’m not giving it to them? How often are we NOT listening?

 Today’s thought is this: to give another your full attention when they are speaking is a sign of respect, and not only for the other person, but it shows good manners on your part as well. I know that we are all busy peeps, busy with our commitments, living our lives, but that’s such a common American stereo-type. We are GO-GO-GO all the time! We are stuck up in our own minds thinking of all the things we have going on, have to do, things we want to do, things we need to do, things we forgot to do…

 Take a few minutes to listen today! If your significant other calls you, or your BFF is talking about their weekend! Make some eye contact if you are having a conversation in person. Take the time to show conscious effort to listen when you are spoken to. Believe me, when I am speaking to someone, and they are really listening to me, I can tell! And it makes me feel good, important, and as if I mean enough to this person for them to stop and listen while I speak!

 Instead of multi-tasking, stop & listen today!! Avoid having to say, “Huh, come again..” And notice the appreciation and smiles you get from listening to the person speaking to you!


Have a beautiful day!! ~ Jen

 P.S. I have a great hubby!! I did not write this to imply that he doesn’t listen to me… It was just a really good example of how ‘not listening’ happens a lot. I am guilty of it, and I’m sure you have been as well, a time or two!



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