A Romantic Monday Post

I want to sing to you
A lovely sweet song
Many things I’ve wanted
For so very long
To tell you on a rainy day
Anything I wish to say
Underneath a silver moon
Forevermore until it’s June
The days do fall
One after another
I yearn for him
How I crave my lover
I want to touch you
Head to toe
Never to be far
So you know
The days that have
Yet to come
for us, us two
Are far from done
I’ll run to you
Through open door
Under the stars
~~ J. Lefever ~~
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22 responses to “Forevermore

    • Thank you! Me too!! I love love!! This one is such a fresh breath of air compared to my other piece today.. It displays the darkness that surrounded my spirit while in active addiction, and the light that comes with a clean life. I an grateful to be alive… and in love with my wonderful husband 🙂 Your comments mean a lot, from you, as you are a great writter yourself! ~Jen

      • aww sweet of u to say that….i am sometimes caught up in so much of conflicting emotions that the only real resort i have is to throw myself in words…i have not tasted love of the “marriage kind of thing”, but still i can connect with it.,..somehow…:)

      • I do that too! Writting cleanses my mind and soul.. I need it, like thearapy! I seem to have a way with my words, llike, not all people can express or write like others can. My hubby, for example, is not a writter! He is wonderful at other things, but expressing and writting… no, not so much! I think it’s cute when he fumbles for the right words.. He always says, “I can express myself like you! You have a way with words!” I love love to write. It is such a huge part of me! ~J

      • aww…i love ppl who love to write…would like to know more of u….feel free to drop me an email…i hope v make good friends with writing connecting us all 🙂

        Somehow, most of my friends tend to speak less vch leaves me as the one who goes on and on….

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