Forever The Reason

Unpredictable. Real. Heartfelt. Without rules.
Whatever the reason, for my path to cross with the talent and beauty of Hastywords, our words will last forever.
Forever The Reason
 A Poetic Duet written by Hastywords and Think. Speak. Tryst.
Caught between my emotions
My spirit is trying to emerge
Ignoring something critical
I search for balance in your words
Struggling through impossibilities
I hold on to your life, no I won’t let go
Trying in vain to bring our past
Into a future of corporeality, to show
The battle seems all too familiar
As I’m rendered dirty and bruised
I see a hand stretched out in my view
Through the smoky air, it’s your hand I chose
Each night I dream of you, your smile
It was in every little thing you did
If all I had to do was walk through fire
You can bet I would for him
Everything from our yesterday
That created you and me
I realize it was always you
That I was endlessly searching to be
Reality tucked you in to sleep
Much sooner than I planned
So many things were left unsaid
Our love overcame any demands
With just one touch, I know we are forever
Words are never needed, indeed
You are the one who completes my soul
You are the part of me I need
~~ Written by Hastywords & Think. Speak. Tryst. ~~
For more wonderfulness by Hastywords follow the link provided
Forever The Reason @ Hastywords follow the link provided

13 responses to “Forever The Reason

    • I’m gonna tell you this time..(although I love keeping the mystery alive, but just this once…) We each wrote 4 lines each. I started this one, and finished it as well. (so the first 4 were me, the next 4 Hasty) I edited it a little, to fix the rhythm & rhyme and that was it! 🙂

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! She and I have quite the chemistry with words!
      ~ J

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