The Victim & The Villain

This is… my most beloved of pieces. This piece is meant to be read slowly, to get the emotion in each word I chose to tell this story. This is a short story, about me. It is written poetically. I am happy to share it, and hope it is enjoyed and understood by those who read it. This is also the title of a book that I am currently writing… one of my writing projects that is very dear to my heart. This is the story of the Victim and the Villain. ~ J


 The Victim & The Villain


I can tell you of days

When I was completely frozen


I can tell you of weeks that went by

And I didn’t even notice


I can tell you of mornings

I would wake up mad

Mad ’cause I was still breathing, still alive

…isn’t that sad?


I can tell you of a lady

Who was once alive in me

She was vibrant, and she smiled

She was what other’s wanted to be


But somehow, in her life, she became

Tragically sad…

Things began to happen

Now, She’s a Victim to all things bad


A run of bad luck, for a decade, or so…

But she was also the Villain of her story, you know


As much as she tried

To push the darkness away

The Villain within

Would not let her stray


The Villain was strong but

It needed it’s Victim down

And with all of the chaos

The Victim was stuck in her town


Further and further

Did her pure image go

But deep down inside

Her spirit would know


In a time and a place

She could rise up again

And put to rest

Her corruption, her sin


I can tell you of days

When I thought this impossible


I can tell you today


I have become remarkable


Only because

I can see inside

That I was the Victim.. and the Villain

In my very own mind


Playing the taunter

And being taunted by…

The miraculous strength of

Me, Myself, and I…


I can’t tell you who wins

The story of me


The Victim, the Villain, or the saviour to be…


But I am each one

Each integral part


That make up the Victim… and the Villain

Inside of my heart.


~~ J. Lefever ~~



I am both, the Victim & the Villain. This is a story about me.


18 responses to “The Victim & The Villain

  1. Absolutely amazing my new friend. With words like that, it is impossible for me NOT to see the similarities in our life’s journey. I am so glad you found such recognition of self, and that you expressed it so beautifully. Thank you for sharing such an important part of yourself with your readers. I can see why this piece holds that very special place in your heart and mind. Keep your SOUL SHINING always.


    • Why thank you friend.
      Yes, this one is … a very deep, personal & sensitive part of my heart and soul. I wrote this piece about a year ago and I remember the moment I wrote it, very well.

      This is one of my favorite pieces. And one of my best written (In my opinion) … and I don’t ever really think I write all that well (I’m very critical of all that I do) … I thank you very much for reading this. You have picked a good one here … One of my better pieces!!


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