Daily Reflection on Tryst (02/01/13)


Daily Reflection on Tryst (02/01/13)

  Turn It UP!!


YAY!! It’s finally Friday!! This work week is over and I greet morning here in the city with a bright blue sky and chilly air!! It has been blistering cold here the last few days, but the sun is shinning in a clear, cloudless sky today, so that should help make things a bit warmer and maybe keep us smiling through out the day. I hope where ever you all are, Tryst friends, that the sun is shinning for you as well!

 Last night I was doing some writing and catching up on e-mails. I found myself in conversation with a blogging companion and I was commenting on a piece the wrote. The conversation lead to talking about music and I made this statement: “Sometimes, when I can’t find the words, music says exactly what I need to hear.” … I hit post on the screen and watched my comment pop up. As I sat there, re-reading over what I had just typed, as I often to see if I missed any typo’s (which I have been missing a lot lately, which drives me nuts, I guess I’m typing fast while multi-tasking at work, or in the car on my phone.. anyway) I read over the words I typed and thought to myself, ‘yeah, exactly… music really does speak to me… music speaks to lots of people… for those of us who love and appreciate music, who need music, who make music, music really does say what we need to hear sometimes!’ I like the wisdom behind this.

 Put some good music on today! Pull out an old CD that was a favorite, or pull out some classic vinyl, if that’s what you got goin on!! Grab your MP3, an iPod, or whatever you use to stream your music, and jam out! I love hearing music first thing in the morning! Preferably really loud on my way to work, in my car, because it helps wake me up and kind of sets the tone, or sets my mood for the day!! There are some songs out there that have the most beautiful lyrics, when you take the time to listen to them, it’s amazing what you hear. Singers and musicians that write their own music, truly are talented writers. Hip Hop lyrics tell a story too. Eminem is known to be one of the best MC Lyricists in the Hip Hop community, because his lyrics formulate pain, passion, life and history, to name a few. The music industry is full of great writers and poets, who, do a great job touching the hearts, spirits and souls of those who listen to their music.

 Play some good music today! What does your heart & soul need to hear today? A sweet love song, or a bumpin’ HipHop track, or some southern rock, or classic rock… Whatever it needs, hook it up, and listen to the music!!


Have a beautiful Day! ~ Jen

 Happy February Tryst Family!! Have a really great month!!

To anyone who is anyone, follow THIS LINK to a wise and insightful post, cleverly written by Edward Hotspur. It’s about music, my friends, and his words ring true!

The piece is called THE ONLY DRUG WITH NO HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS, it all in the title!!



12 responses to “Daily Reflection on Tryst (02/01/13)

    • Eminem is an amazing writer & lyricist! The word combinations he comes up with are genius! He is so good.. so brilliant with words.. an awesome entertainer and I have always loved him!! There really are so many musicians who are great writters!! A good song hit’s my heart & soul and gives me goose bumps! ~Jen

    • It sure does!! I couldn’t live with out music!! I feel music in the pit of my soul.. I sing all the time!! I sing in my car, in the shower, when I make dinner.. I sing when I blog.. nah, kidding… or am I? This is a girl who must have her music!! So, for my reflection today, I jammed out to some CCR, some old school PINK, and I turned up an old Tu Pac song, in honor of my bro!! Did you jam today? ~J

  1. Like one of my Daily Prompts said, music is my drug. It’s the only one I need. I drink wine sometimes, but I listen to music every single day, depending on what I want to accomplish, think, feel, do, communicate. And I realize that everyone has their own styles and preferences and tastes, which is why it’s beautiful when you connect with someone over a song. And if you can do it over multiple songs… there are no words.

    • Oh Yes!! Exactly!! I know what post you’re speaking of.. I made a comment on it because I loved what you said, using the metaphor of music as a drug!! I agreed with you then and I agree with you now! I need music everyday! There are so many genre’s of music, and I love most of them! There are only a few that I dislike.. I also enjoy connecting with people over a song, or band, or both! Music takes the words right out of my soul, sometimes!! I know it does for other’s as well!

      I think there is ton’s of insight and wisdom in that post Hotspur!! Everyone who is anyone should read it!! 🙂 You are so fantastic my friend!! But I know you hear that from so many people.. I’m just one in the crowd!! ~ Jen

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