This is a piece on letting go





You say

Like tiny diamond stones

Day’s ago, I left my home

To return unto when

A place I knew then

Far in the distance

Whispers in the wind

Book of discoveries

A shattered life


I’ll be home to you



You say

Like a glittering sea

Standing alone

I came to be

Distant from all

Distant from you

Staring across this

Ocean of blue



You say

Like fields of gold

In a field of honey

Dancing around in tiny circles

A wind storm of giant miracles

All along the fields we run

Pushing forward until

We are done

Alone with me

Alone with you

To all I can see

But you already knew



You say

Like white shinning lights

Shinning out

The lighthouse tonight

Over the hills

Through the trees

Across the ocean

You find me

Putting to rest

All that I know

Knowing in spirit

I must let go…


~~ J. Lefever ~~

Written sometime in April, Some years ago



4 responses to “Sparkle

    • Wow. Thank you LL! That’s quite the nice thing to say! I love writing with lots of adjectives, being very descriptive so that the reader see’s what I’m imagining… and I love diamonds, lighthouses, oceans and golden fields!! Who doesn’t? 🙂 ~J

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