Daily Reflection on Trystღ (02/04/13)


Daily Reflection on Tryst (02/04/13)

 Total Denial


Happy Monday Tryst World! I am having one of those chaotic Monday mornings and, whew, I wish I could go back to bed and pretend it’s still the weekend. But, that’s not reality. I have to be a part of society today because I have a job to do, people who are counting on me to have my shit together and bills to pay, so, regardless, I gotta keep moving. Optimistically speaking, I’m happy to be alive and breathing and the sun is shinning, so I am grateful for some things this morning!

 The reflection today is about denial. We all know what denial is. We have all denied something, I’m sure, in our lives… unless we are in denial that we have denied. (Ha-ha) Denial is a defense mechanism used when we don’t like certain circumstances and we refuse to admit that they exist in our present state of awareness. Denial is not a river in Egypt, that would be the Nile river, so don’t get confused! 🙂 Sometimes, we use denial to protect something in our lives, whether it’s something we are ashamed of, like addiction for me, or a relationship that is bad, a matter of the heart, or a responsibility we don’t want to be responsible for, or a change that needs to be made, a change that will take a period of adjustment and we all know that change can be quite uncomfortable. Either way, we all deny, so don’t be in denial about it!

 Denial is a clever little devil, it is! When we deny something, deep inside of our psyche, we are still holding on to that little bit of truth. It’s a just our minds way of tricking us into thinking that something is not acceptable, and that we can re-write our reality. So, agree with me here… denial is not good for our hearts and souls, right? Every time we have denied something, it’s cause the rational part of us is saying, ‘We know what’s really going on here, but we don’t want to face it, confront it, or admit it!’

 If there is anything in your life that you may be sugar-coating with good old denial, maybe it’s time to face it!

Facing our denials will help to clean up the dirty corners of our lives and bring more peace to our present state of awareness.

I bet the Buddha would agree!


Face a denial today! I can promise you that coming clean, or being honest, or admitting something that needs to be talked about, or correcting a problem that has been covered up with denial will make you feel great! A huge weight lifted! Good for letting go and moving forward! Heave Ho!


Don’t deny it anymore! Let’s be for real!

 Have a super fantastic Monday Tryst Family!! ~ Jen




2 responses to “Daily Reflection on Trystღ (02/04/13)

    • Yep! That’s denial! And that’s shitty denial! Dieting sucks.. but with spring right around the corner, I understand. I bet you’re perfect and don’t need a diet anyway! I say, if your body tells you that it’s hungry, feed it mama!! Thank you for the kind support on my reflections. I appreciate you more than you know! ~ Jen

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