Evening Reflection on Trystღ (02/03/13)


Evening Reflection (02/03/13)

 Ignoring the Pessimism

Evening Tryst family. I hope this is finding you at the end of a great weekend. This is the first time I have ever done an evening reflection, but I didn’t do any reflecting this morning… all day really… so I thought I’d write a little something this evening, as my day winds down. I am always quite reflective and full of thoughts at night anyway… sometimes more at this time, then at the beginning of the day, because I have a whole day to think and be reflective on. What did I see today, hear today? What does my spirit have to say tonight..? I think of these things as I get myself ready for the week, on my sunday night, while I fix dinner, clean the kitchen, and start to get ready for bed… My evening mind is full of thoughts.

 This evening, I’m ignoring my pessimist! For some reason, the pessimistic side of me is yelling in my ear and it’s driving me crazy! I don’t give this part of me very much attention, so I’m sure it feels neglected most of the time. I feed my optimist much more soul food! It’s easy to sit here, reflecting as I am, and get lost in all the bad things that have happened lately, and all the things I don’t have. It’s easy to feel like a victim to life. I believe I’m not the only one who feels this way. I think a lot of us can be quite pessimistic, and down, and feel like nothing is right, or will get better, or the bad luck will just continue… and so on. Whatever it is that your pessimist tells you, tonight, tell it to shut the fuck up!

 I have so much to be grateful for. So much! I could go on here listing all these things, but I won’t. I would like for those for you who read this to make a list, start a gratitude journal, or just think of the things you have to be grateful for today. I know this advice has been given a million times before, but right now, it’s what I am needing, so I’m passing it on to my Tryst Fam. (Sometimes, reminders are nice and uplifting) Think of the things you’ve had for a while that you’re grateful for. When we shut the pessimist up, and flip over to the grateful side of our hearts and minds, do we find that there are quite a bit of things to be thankful/grateful for? Even small things, like a roof over your head or a cozy bed, some people don’t even have that. To some, those things would be quite wonderful! Think of the ways that make you lucky, fortunate, loved, healthy, blessed, happy, appreciative, thankful and grateful. I bet you find a lot of things to put on the list. And, it’s very good for your soul to feed your optimist by giving warm-fuzzy-thanks to the things you have that are good in your life.

Tonight I am grateful for so many things.

By tuning out the Pessimist and turning up the volume of my Optimist, I listen to all I have to be grateful for!

It’s so good for my soul to say good night to this day by giving shout out’s to my many blessings!

Have a great night Tryst Family! See you tomorrow! ~Jen


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