Hidden within a Tear


When a woman feels alone

Where does she turn to?

We all have an empty


To crawl to inside

Sometimes mine stretches

Other times it shrinks

When a woman feels lonely

Where can she find fulfillment

Inside of her very own self?

Will the bleeding in my soul ever


Like an old pair of shoes

Forgotten and dirty

Gets thrown away and never

Thought of twice…

Oh, if letting go could

Be that nice

This endless battle of a woman’s great


Of loving herself and betrayal

Of each battle within her old

Leather shoe…

Tossed to the back of her

Minds eye

Holding back

Each drop

Imprisoning each tear

Told not to cry…

~~ J Lefever ~~



4 responses to “Tristeza

    • I love that we connect this way, but I don’t love that you have felt this way honey 😦
      These words, these feelings are so real, so strong, and pour out of my heart when I tap into it.. Thanks for reading my words D. You are a beautiful soul. ~J

      • I try to look at it as ~ my past made me stronger. While I remember the bad, it helps me cherish the good! Im so glad we have met through our words…

      • I do that too! Our past does make us stronger.. so long as we don’t repeat mistakes over n over! And YES to remembering bad to cherish good… kinda goes w/ my evening reflection! You’re so awesome! I enjoy sharing words with you too! I can’t always get to everyone’s posts, but I have some that I always read.. you are on that list!~Jen

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