Daily Reflection on Tryst (02/05/13)

Daily Reflection (02/05/13)


 Don’t tell me!!

Mr. Know-it-All…

 Tuesday morning buzz around here is that it’s supposed to be 60 degrees tomorrow!! This has me excited, and a few others who indulge in the small talk in the morning, as I am currently suffering from the spring fever. You would think that I’m used to fever’s of any kind, since my last name is Le-Fever… oh, did I just make a cheesy joke? Yeah, well, that’s ok! At least I’m smiling at my silly nonsense… it’s not like I didn’t have a hundred nicknames growing up with a last name with ‘Fever’ in it!! Anyway, enough of my shenanigans.. Happy Tuesday Tryst Friends!!

 This morning I’m trying to open up my mind! Having an open mind is a good thing. It’s good in that, it makes you one of those kinds of people in which others actually enjoy being around. I’ll explain why this is… Have you ever known or been around a person who ‘knows everything,? (Said in my best sarcastic voice) Well, I have. I’m sure at least once in our lives, we meet a person who is a ‘know it all’. You cannot converse with these people! You cannot express a feeling, give an example, tell a story without being interrupted by the ‘know it all,’ who is telling you how things are because they know everything. Oh, and don’t try to give advice to a know it all!! That’s just a lose/lose situation!

 Having an open mind makes you pleasant to converse with. It means that you aren’t stuck so far up your own ass that you can actually be a part of a conversation, instead of controlling one, to the point where the other person wants to just run from you, as far as they can in the other direction!! No one want’s to be that person, right? Having conversations with people and your friends is a wonderful thing. Americans love to be social and socialize! You see us doing it in coffee shops, over lunch, or out at night while enjoying the night life. Having good communication skills shows when you can sit and talk with someone and have an open mind.

 It really is this simple: we are all so different, so how can we possibly all feel & think the same way about everything? We can’t! It’s good to know things, and share the things we know, but it’s also good to admit that we don’t know everything about everything, and continue to learn as we go…


Open up your minds!!

You can expand yourself so much more that way!!

We don’t know everything, so don’t be the ‘Know-It-All’ at the party!!


Have an Awesome Day Tryst Friends!! ~ Jen




7 responses to “Daily Reflection on Tryst (02/05/13)

  1. Did you know that Fever in Polish is Goraczka? I didn’t until just now, and I’m assuming Mr. Google knows everything, so it must be right, except there’s supposed that little squiggly curve under the first ‘a’.

    Anyways, it turns out that Mr. Google doesn’t know really know everything because I did a search for “where’s the party tonight?” and the closest I could find is from August of 2010!

    • It’s kind of hard to walk the line of confident, and cocky… And those who are very wise & smart vs. the know-it-all. I have some good examples like, my Dad who is a full-blown ‘know-it-all’, and my husband, he too will tell you that he knows everything. And I love both of those men more than anything in the world! Sometimes it drives me nuts having conversations with them because, well, I can’t tell them anything they don’t already know!! On the flip side, when I need to know something, it’s good to have the two smartest people on the planet (according to them) in my pocket!! (Shaking my head…) ~J

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