Ever Always

Ever Always

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I remember it well

In the beginning of our tryst

The whole world stopped

All I saw was you

The silence of the room

Still rings out in my mind

The softness of your skin

The curve of your face

I knew it was forever when I met your eyes

Only then

Did my whole life make sense

It was always you I was looking for

I melted into you

And I took your hand in mine

I said those words that

My heart told me to say

Like music in the air

The breeze through the window


Ever thine

Ever mine

Ever always…

~~ J. Lefever ~~


This piece was written with some help of my husband. We love Beethoven’s letters to his ‘Immortal Beloved’ which you can read by following the link provided. As a writer, they are my most favorite collection of written romantic pieces, from such a historically famous figure. I still to this day, enjoy reading them every single time. They are very dear to my heart because I remember reading them to my husband when we first  fell for each other, in the beginning moments of our first tryst together.


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