A delicious & passionate Poetic Duet written by Hastywords & Think. Speak. Tryst
Featured on Edward Hotspur’s Romantic Monday Post
A collection of romantic pieces by various talented writers
Follow the link provided to read the romance yourself!
Your arms wrap around me
Like scarlet red satin
My desire for your embrace
Is an endless chase
That always leaves me craving more
The inward struggle to let go
To give myself completely to you
Is a dance that slowly unfolds
As I melt into those eyes
Endlessly leaving me craving more
Too hard to deny
The force able pull between you and I
Foolish to even try, why
When everything tells me to fall into you
And you always leave me craving more
The pull of gravity seems to agree
Because with each passing moment
The intensity of your beating heart
Jumpstarts the beating of mine
And I am left needing, craving more
Will I never be satisfied
I will always need more
More intensity, and passion
You are my gravity
Always will I be craving more
Finally I give into insatiable desire
Vanishing into my ravenous yearning
No longer an individual specimen
But a duality in mutual motion
As I will forever be craving more
Words by Hastywords and J. Lefever of Tryst
You can find the beautiful words of Miss Hasty by following the link provided above
 Insatiable on Hastywords is found HERE

10 responses to “Insatiable

    • Thanks girl!! I like to change it from time to time, as I am always changing.. learning.. growing.. (tag line) And this piece is good.. Miss Hasty and I write well together! Very in sync with one another.. ~J

    • We do. We do! I love this piece here.. hey, listen, the three of us need to write a piece together! Here’s what we need to do… (Let me try and see if I can orchestrate this, I prob. spelled that wrong but who cares, you get what I mean, right, lol) I will get with Miss hasty and send something to her, the first stanza, then she will write one, and send it to you, then you write one and send it back to me. My E-mail is … maybe we can write tomorrow? Or whenever, but I’ll get the first one out to Hasty.. Bueno? ~Jen

      • You should post it!

        Oh by the way: you already know me as a blogger, I’m “ric from Ex Mente Orbis (the man sitting on a chair in a field…). I just migrated to a new blog with a new vocation, leaving ex Mente Orbis to sleep for the rest of the winter.

        I long for this Gravity poem.


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