The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice


 The turquoise of the sea

Was deep in your eyes

As you stare penetrated me

It was almost painful to look away


I felt as though

You could see right through

As if you knew

The secrets I’ve hidden from you


Your eyes asking me questions

My gaze melted to the floor

My body language was weak

Pleading for you to look no more


A handful of shame, yes

My heart had acted on its own

I betrayed you, yes

But weren’t we already torn


Keep looking deep

Into my Chocolate brown eyes

You will see that I

Can not continue to lie


The layers of black satin

Cover us when we sleep

Like the darkness of our words

 Like promises that were cheap


Yesterdays dreams laced with

Tomorrows wishes, and

You still holding me, with

Our toes in the sand


Take my hand


It was never you

That was supposed to be by my side

I tried to tell you

You never heard a single word


Now that deceit has made

An example of me

Looking at you

I know where I’m not supposed to be


~~ J. Lefever ~~



 This is a piece on love of the wrong kind. Of a woman who didn’t listen to her heart. She followed her lust and found what really fit, and betrayed the one she was promised to. This is a piece on betrayal, broken promises, and mostly to ones self, the one who was hurt the most, is the one who sacrificed her love for someone else…


8 responses to “The Sacrifice

    • Why thank you. I really love this one) And, No No.. don’t give me that much cred! I posted 5 times yesterday, which is the most I have ever posted in one day, and prob. won’t ever post 5 times at once again… or at least for a while!! And my posts are easy reads.. yours are much more work than mine. You really put so much content into the things you publish! It inspires me to write more for my ‘Think Speak Tryst’ catagory, which is where all my juicy articles are.. I’ve been very poetic lately.. So you still have me beat! Yesterday I was just full of myself! ~J

  1. That could be, sometimes the heart and lust can get inter-twined with each other… but if so, which one should you listen to? And if the heart wants what it’s also lusting after, then both get satisfied in the end anyway, right? … ~Jen

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