Unfaithful ~ Tryst Fiction

Fictional Dialogue on Tryst



 I watched him drive away, knowing that what happened last night was something I would not be able to lie my way out of. What was I going to tell Steve?

The events of last night were still swimming in my mind, and my skin was still damp with sweat and the aftermath of my deceitful desires that I had acted upon.

And as angry as I was, I couldn’t deny him. With every inch of my body, pushing him away, yet I pulled him in tighter with every kiss. The darkness of night faded away, into the pinkish-orange of the rising sun, sticky with the warmth of the summer morning air, just like the love between us was, in those moments.

I knew this was all wrong. He was married, and I was in a relationship. The dust settled on the gravel road, leading away from my house. I turned and walked back up the driveway. Steve would be home from his business trip in a few hours. Would I tell him. No. It would crush him. I won’t ever speak of this again.

I could hear him, James first words to me, they echoed, “I made a mistake…I love you.” That’s all it took, those few words, for me to lose my head.

 ~ Jen Lefever ~

Here I am trying new things. Well, not new to my writing life, but new to Tryst. I have some writing projects in the works and I enjoy writing Fictional Dialogue, short, long, intense, bold, raw, for all the wrong reasons, and some right ones too…


6 responses to “Unfaithful ~ Tryst Fiction

    • Thank you very much! That really means a lot from you.. You are so so SO great at writing! I really had fun putting this little tidbit together.. and adding the new catagory ‘Tryst Fiction’ … Stay tuned for more! ~J

      • I definitely will. I dabble in fiction every now and again, but I’m so busy with other things right now that I haven’t gotten around to it.

        I hope to get back to it soon.

  1. It will spring upon you like, out of nowhere! That’s what happened to me.. Last night I sat down and it just spilled out. I wanted to write some fictional dialogue and boom. Tryst Fiction was born! It will come to you.. and you will have fun making up characters and scenes.. ~Jen

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