Daily Reflection on Trystღ (02/06/13)

Daily Reflection (02/06/13)


  Accepting the Bullshit

 Hey there, all my Tryst companions! I’m having a hard time getting going this morning. It’s Wednesday and it feels like it should be Friday! Meaning, this week is dragging ass, moving way too slow, and it’s only half way over! Sheesh! I’m not in the mood for a bunch of bullshit today, so I pray to the Serenity God that my day runs by smoothly… (Usually when I find myself in a ‘No-Bullshit’ kind of mood, those are the days when it’s full of bullshit and inconvenience) It’s like the cosmic realm knows I’m cranky and short-tempered and uses it to test my patience, in any way it can, through-out my whole day.

 Since I wake up chirping most mornings, ha-ha yes, that is what I said, chirping, meaning I’m a happy-optimistic, (as you all may be learning by now, with the exception of the poetry I write about addiction), days like this just go to show that I am just a person, who is far from perfect, and that we all have bad days, no matter who we are, what we have, what we do, and so on… We are all similar in that aspect. We have up days, down days, good moods, bad moods, we have lots of patience, we have next to no patience, we have smiling faces, we wear frowns too, and so on. Life hands us different things all the time, and we need to roll with it.

 My reflection this morning is acceptance. I must acknowledge and accept my shitty mood, and try to get through the day. I gotta accept the bullshit because I have a job to do, and people count on me! I can’t just go home, even though I really wish I could. I have to get through this Wednesday!

For any of you that have to deal with some bullshit today, maintain some acceptance, understanding that it just is what it is for now, and you’ll get through it. You know that it’s just a day, and day’s all come to an end. So by the end of the day, you will say, and me too, ‘Hell yeah, I got through that bullshit!’


Today, practice some acceptance.

Accept whatever comes your way, well within reason, if it’s completely unacceptable… use your best judgement! 😉 wink~

Acceptance means that you may not completely agree with something, but you understand it.. Whatever it is…


I hope you all have a great day!! ~ Jen


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