Evening Reflection on Trystღ (02/05/13)

Evening Reflection (02/05/13)

 Beautiful Spirit


As the sun falls and touches the horizon, I see the most beautiful colors in the sky. Soft pastel colors of pink and orange are painted across the sky and they fade up into a dark blue. It is known that the Mid-West has some of the most beautiful sunsets. I say this loosely because I have seen sunsets in the mountains, and over the ocean on beaches that are much prettier than this. I know there are more breath-taking places that my eyes have not seen, yet, but I will and they are out there. This world is so big, and it just amazes me with its beauty! I have always been in awe of the elements of this world! I am truly grateful for this universe and all its wonderous things. But I do not live in a far off exotic, breathtakingly beautiful place, I can only imagine… I live here, in this city, and to appreciate something that I can see, it’s our Mid-Western sunsets.

So as the sun falls, and the moon illuminates our city with its silver glow, I take a minute to look up to the sky. I can see the big dipper, clear as day, which is so amazing because 1200 miles from here, is the condo I lived in Salt Lake City. I could step out on my back porch there and look up and see the big dipper, clear as day, actually bigger and clearer due to the elevation, but up in the sky, just the same as here, yet these two places are 1200 miles away. To me, that is truly amazing! Tonight, I’m thinking about how important it is to give your spirit affirmations.

Affirmations come easier the more you exercise them. Affirmations are a little thing to tell yourself that are kind & loving. In recovery, we are told to do this first thing in the morning, and at night before bed. It’s a nice way to internally love yourself and tell your spirit that it is good and wonderful. Affirmations beat out that internal critic’s voice I’ve written about before. The internal critic can be loud at times, so give yourself an affirmation instead of being critical.

I am thoughtful of others.

That is mine tonight. I say this to myself because I take the time to listen when others speak to me. I’ve had a couple of friends reach out to talk today, and I was thoughtful of them by listening. What can you affirm to yourself tonight? Tell your spirit something good…

We are all in possession of beautiful spirits.

Our spirits need to hear that every once & a while! It needs to hear that it is beautiful!

By hearing these affirmations often, it’s easier to become them more & more…

Tell your beautiful spirit how beautiful it is!!

 Have a good evening Tryst Friends!! ~ Jen


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