Heartless Hole

Heartless Hole
Will it survive, if you bruise
Your soul slowly each day?
Waking each morning
With nothing loving to say,
About yourself, about this world
About your spirit, it’s all unheard.
I have told myself for
So long now,
I don’t deserve…
Love somehow,
But the love I have sought
Out to find
Not inside, but in others
I’m so blind.
Seeking love of self, within,
Leaves me spiritually
High to begin
And from there I can
Love all elements around my
To love my self is my emptiness
Heartless hole I have yet to fill
Heartless hole it hurts me still.
Starting with me, love
My spirit
Yet, heartless hole
I still fear it
~~ J Lefever ~~
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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