Painted Lullaby

This morning I had the pleasure of writing with another very talented writer PassionWriting whose beautiful work you can see on her blog A Shade Of Pen. From two far away places, she and I are still connected with delicate words.


Painted Lullaby

A Poetic Duet by PassionWriting & Think. Speak. Tryst.

The glow of the rising sun
Brings forth a new promise
I lazily open my eyes

To watch the perfect red in the sky

Yesterdays music resonates softly
I can still feel the night
Watching the sun bring warm daylight
A single tear falls in absence of you

Even the brightest shades
Cannot compare to your dazzling light
You are the reason for the pink on my cheeks
And my heart misses its true beat

I will walk to the end of the world
Swim the deepest blue sea
Nothing will I ever find
That will fulfill your place in me

Love has its way of finding things
May be you will come back to me
To color my life yet again
As you are the rainbow of my sky

I still play our music
Remembering your voice as you sing
I smile when I think of us
Complete when you visit me in dreams

 I yearn for you all the time
And still the new day hopelessly passes by
As the night creeps again
I sing your memories like a lullaby

Written by PassionWriting & Think. Speak. Tryst

Painted Lullaby on A Shade of Pen follow the link

 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication


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