Daily Reflection on Trystღ (02/07/13)


Daily Reflection (02/07/13)

 Tears in the Sky

Thunder and heavy rain woke me up early this morning. I love the rain. The rain makes me feel spiritual, for some reason. It’s always been that way. It makes me want to curl up at home with a book, so cliché’, or grab my journal and do some writing. It makes me feel connected to my own spirit and I feel more creative, or philosophical, or even more wise… and it’s just rain! It’s little drops of wet tears falling from the sky.

I know why the sky cries today. At least, for me, I know why. The clouds and the gloom and the thunder brings up things for me. It brings up the sensitive, vulnerable things that I try not to think about when the sun is shinning. When the sun in shinning up in the blue sky, I’m more of an extrovert. This rain storm has me introverted today, thinking about the things that have been tucked away in my mind lately. Last night, I was having a hard time falling asleep, haunted by the memories and feelings of the terrible things that happened to my family last June. Some days, it just hits me harder that my brother isn’t coming back. I’m sorry for the ‘gloom’ in my writing last night, for those of you that read it. It’s hard to write about, hard to put into words what I’m feeling…but it’s good for me to try.

Today’s reflection is a simple thought about falling down. We all fall down. In conversation with a sweet friend this morning, I said that to her. We all fall down. And it’s perfectly OK. For anyone to think that they are not strong, or are doomed to be stricken with sadness, or weakness, or any kind of suffering, know that we ALL are recovering from something. We ALL go through hard things in life. Pain is immeasurable. No one’s pain is greater or less than yours. What ever you feel that hurts you, is as hurtful to you as it should be. You cannot measure a persons pain.

Sometimes, we don’t want others to see us cry. So let the sky do it for you. Sometimes, we need extra love, or extra hugs, or extra support. And that is also perfectly OK. It doesn’t mean anything other than, those are your needs at that moment in time.

Today, tell yourself that everyone falls down. Everyone cries. Everyone hurts from something.

You are not alone in your struggles in life. When I talk openly about my addiction to heroin, I find that someone else chirps up about an addiction they have, or had, or someone who they know with one… We have more in common with each other than we think sometimes.

We come from different places, different walks of life, yet, we are all so similar.

There are those you can connect with all around you. You just have to be yourself.

In our uniqueness and individuality, we find that we are also very similar.

Have a sweet & sensitive, but strong Day! ~ Jen

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4 responses to “Daily Reflection on Trystღ (02/07/13)

  1. We all fall down, and if we can find the strength within us, we get back up again and start walking. Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of help to find that strength. Thank you 🙂

  2. A good friend of mine told me once, “No matter what happens, they can’t eat you.” That has sustained me through many terrible times.

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