Shhhhh in the Silence


Tucked in a corner
My shadow is hidden
Don’t speak or utter a sound
In the silence
My spirit falls to the ground

Lost in the dark
Scared of my truth that
I don’t want to face
Brutal realities & lies
Events have taken place

I have no control
No power to change
The devastating tragedy be
What brings my tears
Of why he was taken from me

In the shadows I go
Please don’t look my way
Vulnerable & mad
I see only in my view
The red that comes from what I had

My mirror is gone
The other part of me
I search everyday
With empty hands
Darkness is all I see

As not to fall apart
Everyday at the seams
In the shadows I go
Vengeance & revenge
I hide, I can’t show

I scream in the silence
Shhhh says my heart
I’m torn from any other
No substitute will suffice
I yearn for my brother.

~~ J. Lefever~~

©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication


4 responses to “Shhhhh in the Silence

  1. It has taken me a few hours to write a response to this poem because I know it is probably a very sensitive subject to you and I still don’t really know what there is to say.

    When a loved one dies, the pain is usually unbearable.

    All I can really say here is: be strong.


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