Mid-Day Reflection on Trystღ (02/08/13)


Mid-Day (Daily) Reflection (02/08/13)


 Losing My Cool, Chill Baby, Chill…


 Hey there Tryst Peeps!! How is this day finding you? (Said with a big cheesy and slightly sarcastic smile) I hope your day is going better than mine. I am finally getting to you all this, afternoon!!! I have had one of those kind of Friday’s that is, to say the least, about as smooth as a train that has fallen off its tracks. I feel like I have fallen off my tracks. I am that crazy train that’s de-railed and going somewhere, to the wrong place, off the track, and out-of-control!! Shit!! What happened?!?!?

 Well, my morning started off OK, normal, with my normal routine. I had an appointment with Katie scheduled for late morning, so I made arrangements to have a few hours off from work, which was nice considering I work 52 hours a week… it’s nice to have a break, even if it’s a few hours in the morning and I have other obligations, it’s still a change of scenery from the norm. So, when did my train de-rail? Driving back to the south of the city, towards work, I drove with my muscles tense because I was so close to running out of gas, I was just freaking out. Got to the gas pump at a gas station off the highway, and had no cash to pay for gas, looked in my wallet and realized the husband has our one credit card, so, back in the bone-dry car, saying all prayers imaginable, but made it to our house. Later, after gas is pumped, spilt coffee on my UGG boot, just the left one. So now, do I throw them out? Or keep them with one boot stained and ridiculous looking? Lost the back to one of my earings and a diamond stud fell out… this goes on… get to work to deal with some work related issues, anyway, to finish complaining here… I’m trying not to lose my cool entirely!

 It’s just one of those NOT smooth running days. We all have them from time to time, and, mine is today!

 What to do when we are in fear of losing our cool? Some helpful tips, to help any of you if you are in the current state of losing your cool, losing your head, or borderline going postal, which, yikes! That’s a whole other lever of your train de-railing, right?!? I’m not at the ’bout to go postal stage, my CHI is more centered than that! Yes, that’s it, center your chi!

 When you’re about to lose it, what ever it is, your cool, your head, your mind, your control, your temper, lots of things can be lost here… Take a deep breath! Stop moving at warp speed, and slow down! This helps dramatically! Slow it down a notch, I even feel better just typing that sentence, and I even typed it slowly to emphasize the drama, instead of typing at my normal speed! (Shaking my head..)


We all lose our cool sometimes.

 We all lose something or another at other times. It just happens.

 Life can be hard, difficult, and NOT run it’s smooth course, and when that happens, (I’m going to be cheesy and cliché’ here…)

 Make you some lemonade out of those lemons that life has thrown at your face!


 Thank you for your attention and patience, if you even read this whole thing, I appreciate it more than you know! You are a great audience! Here I am trying to be reflective, and this is more of a rant! Well, I think I am long over due for a rant anyway, so… now that that’s over, Tryst, let’s go do the rest of our day!!


 Don’t lose your cool over nonsense! That’s just, well, nonsense!

 Have a super cool, super chill day Tryst Family! ~ Jen




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17 responses to “Mid-Day Reflection on Trystღ (02/08/13)

  1. So true, today started out good but went sour in the past couple hours. I had a date this weekend and it got postponed for the second time, and I was supposed to go visit my family for my dads birthday tomorrow but I can’t do that either because we’re getting a huge snowstorm.

    Sometimes it just feels like nothing wants to go your way. And at such times it is really hard to just roll with the changes. I’m still trying to figure it out lol.

    I guess all you can really do is hope that tomorrow will be better.

  2. The number one thing I do when all sorts of things start going wrong is laugh at them. Things nearly always get better, so when a bunch of them go wrong one day, that means a bunch will go right on another day. You know you have a good day saved up, ready for when you least expect it.

    • Oh yes! That is so true Edward! When you feed laughter and positive warm-fuzzies to the shitty quirks that happen in a day, it does make them less of a problem! It’s like the ‘killing-with-kindness’ theory! Workd like a charm! And yes, whoo hoo to the greay day saved up in my great day savings bank, right? Bad things seem to happen in numbers. It’s never just one crummy thing, it’s a pack of em! Blah! …well, I must say, with all honesty, my day didn’t get much better. If anything, it got much worse. Yea, without airing my dirty laundry all over Tryst, I’ll just say that the man I call hubby, and I, didn’t see eye to eye on something and it caused quite the throw down. Man, can I get on a plane and go to an island somewhere? I don’t even need to pack! I’ll buy a bikini when I get there! That’s all I’ll need!!!! ~Jen

      • It’s just temporary. It’s just a passing argument. It will get better, Jen. Just in the middle of a fight, suddenly say “Oh yeah, well I fucking love you, so there.” And that breaks the tension, most times. Oh, and never have a fight via text, because those are so ridiculous and too easy to misinterpret.

  3. i have many experiences too where no matter how bad it looks, it keeps getting worse…I try opt get good company on such occasions..fall around with people who cna make me laugh…if that does not works too…sit down on the computer and type and type…until i am numb to feel anything else….

      • ohh man…u still up….bad dreams are never good..but be happy that it is just a dream..and hug yourself to sleep…if u need some talking…i am ready to help 🙂

      • You are so cute! Yes bad dreams suck.. no giod¡! I’m just so curious, what part or city live in? Have you ever been to the US? I live in the mid west.. nice city, everything else pretty much sucks! I will be moving to south Florida next year or so!!’ ~ jen

      • i dun know why but i am not receiving notification of ur comments.. 😦 so didnt actually know that u had replied back…crazy WP..may be it got mad seein the girl chattering 😛
        I live in calcutta, india…we have almost opposite time zones 😛 and have never been to US so far…
        hope u r cozy asleep and havin no bad dreams 🙂

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