Walking on Broken Pieces

Walking on Broken Pieces



I have walked the road

Until my feet were bruised and bleeding

Until the sun had burned my skin

I kept walking on


With nothing to my left but the endless sky

And to my right, the sky kept going

Wind blows the sand

Making it dance around in circles


I’m running from my past

As fast as I can

I run from me, as I run

From you


I’m not afraid of the road

Not anymore, I can’t be

Once it was my enemy

Turned into my wisest teacher


The road has taught me

To always keep going

That it never ends

There will be holes to fall in

And broken pieces along the way

Uneven places to throw me off-balance


I fight this road

I have built strength

The holes, and pieces, and uneven parts

Don’t throw me today


I am strong


Thanks to the road

I walk along.


~ J. Lefever ~



©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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