Daily Reflection on Trystღ (02/10/13)

Daily Reflection (02/10/13)
The Meaning of Tears
Afternoon Tryst friends. How does the day find you? Bringing conclusion to my weekend of introversion, I find myself here, this Sunday afternoon, thinking about the tears that fall from our eyes, from our souls. No, no I’m not trying to make you sad and gloomy, or be depressing or anything like that… that’s not the point of reflecting. I’m trying to tell you that tears have meaning, and purpose. Tears are, cleansing of the soul.
We shed tears for many different reasons. We have happy tears, mad tears, joyful tears, tears of relief, tears of anger, and of course, the tears of great sadness, loss, despair, and tragedy. Tears come from feelings deep in our souls. Tears are little drops of emotion. Tears can be healthy because we need to get that emotional cleansing out, it prevents emotional break-downs. When we don’t talk about our feelings, especially the really strong ones, they build up inside of us. After time, if they are not released, we risk the emotional breakdown. Tears are a good way to cleanse the soul, and get that stuff out.
It’s ok to cry!!
Tryst friends, there is a reason we have tears. Our spirit needs to release them!! Whatever your reason, if you need to cry, …..cry!! It doesn’t make you weak, or have any other meaning about your character. Honestly, it means that you are in sync with your spirit, and in touch with your feelings. And that is a good thing!!
Tears have different meanings at different times. Whatever the reason for your tears, it’s a beautiful way to show emotion.
So cry on, if you need to cry!
Have a beautiful rest of your day Tryst, and I hope if you find yourself crying, they are the good kind of tears! Tears cause you’re laughin too hard!!
~ Jen
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