It’s all around
I’ve seen this before
When I tear down my walls
To shine the light on me
I spoke too soon
Remembering when I
Reached out in my past
Always left me
Regretting my words
I shouldn’t have shared
Believing that I
Was safe outside
Outside of my walls
That untrusting place
I should never have gone
Have bruises to prove
The damage
I’m completely destroyed

~~ J. Lefever ~~

Written with feelings of fear and sadness…

©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

10 responses to “Damage

  1. I share this feeling – sometimes you write what you feel, however deeply you feel it, and just hit publish. And later, you wonder not at the quality of what you said, but whether you have revealed too much of yourself, whether you have made yourself too vulnerable. You wonder whether you should save something of yourself for yourself, because what if you give too much and have nothing left?

    For me, this is when I would normally go write something utterly ridiculous and profanity-laced, as though to mock my own feelings and make myself feel silly at how serious I was. This might not work for everyone.

    • Hell yes!! Fantastic advice friend!! You just gave me my writing assignment for Monday!!

      I completely agree with what you said. Its exactly how I feel…

      I’ll write something totally different next time! Yep! Thank ya!! ((Hugs)) ~ Jen

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