Evening Reflection on Trystღ (02/09/13)

Evening Reflection (02/09/13)


A Little Bit of Isolation

 Hey Tryst… I hope you all had a really good Saturday. I have been tucked away in a little corner it seems… My spirit is really searching for something. Something kind, something comforting, something that just feels right. I have been thinking about a lot of things this weekend it’s rendered me a bit overwhelmed. I have had some other bloggers I know express these feelings as well. Express feelings of feeling a little lost, a little down, slightly alone, not quite themselves, or searching for a little something, even something unknown. Life brings us moments like this, all of us. I’m always honored when someone reaches out to me for some kindness and comfort as their friend. A true friend should be there. My friendships really mean a lot to me. But in that same sense, it’s very hard for me to ask for a friend when I need one. I mean, it almost paralyzes me, and I just isolate instead.

I’m overloaded with life right now. I’m trying to stay balanced and keep my spirit happy too, and honestly, I’m freakin exhausted!I’m so tired of life right now! I’m tired of work and the obligations I have there! I’m having a case of the burn out’s! Yes. I am burned out!

This is not another rant, this is a Tryst reflection so, I am here to reflect on the non-productivity of isolation. Isolation really solves nothing. It’s the act of stuffing all your problems inside and hiding from the world, and that includes friends and family. Depending on the severity and length of the isolation period, those friends and family of yours could get worried, so make sure to come up for some air! I feel like I have been doing some isolating all day, and I’m already screaming for some fresh air… grateful that this was a 24hour case, and not something more severe. No, I didn’t reach out, I didn’t talk about anything. I feel like I’ve shared enough his past week, and that has me feeling a little overly exposed anyway.

Tonight, I validate my isolation. I recognize why it’s here. I am thinking about what I need to get out of my shell tomorrow, because isolating isn’t healthy.

Isolating doesn’t solve your problems!

Pull your spirit up a little, if you’re isolating, and reach out! I believe that all of our spirits are beautiful and all need love and nourishment. So, reach out and get some!!

I hope you all have a really great evening, Till next time…  ~Jen

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8 responses to “Evening Reflection on Trystღ (02/09/13)

  1. Jen – I can’t do much to help but please allow me to share something I wrote for you after reading your post:

    “God,” I lamented, “Can’t you see I bend with burdens placed?”

    “Yes, I see,” God said.

    “Then why do you place more on me, even if only a blade of grass?” I asked.

    “Because,” God said, “I’ll never burden you with more than you can bear.”

    “How would you know God?” I cried, “See how my knees tremble.”

    “I know because I’m carrying you. You are never alone child.”

    “But I AM alone!”

    “Stay still, pray and you’ll hear your breath sigh and your heart beat. That is I – you are never alone — never.”

    Peace Jen – from a man who had suffered much isolation and know how you feel. I was never alone and I believe neither are you.
    — Eric
    P/s If you find my comment out-of-line in any way – please delete. I take no offense.

  2. Isolation can help, but only for a short time. I tend to pull away and collect myself and my thoughts. Then, and only then am I worth anything to my loves, I agree that an extended time is not good for anyone. Im glad you were able to break out.

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