Tearing Trust

Tearing Trust


It takes years to build

Trust of this kind

It takes only a second

To tear it all down

And sadly rewind

So much goes in

We give so much of ourselves

In hopes of pure unity

Sharing an unbreakable bond

Just to watch

It fall to the ground

Instead of something great

Cruelty is found

Oh how I wish

To not have discovered

All of this wrong

Tearing up Trust

Are words to this song

~~ J. Lefever ~~

Life has me asking a lot of questions lately… I’m really searching for something… Unknown…

©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

8 responses to “Tearing Trust

    • I was remembering this weekend about how I have opened up in the past to people, even close friends so I thought, and just been burned so bad. I’m honestly NOT that kind of friend at all! I think its dishonest to call yourself a friend if you act ‘unfriendly’ or unkind.

      I get nervous and think I say too much… trust too much…

      But really, I have lost nothing and gained a wonderful community on Tryst so, sorry if I offended. (Making sad face) that was not my intent.

      Did you say shoot u an Email? Is your address listed on your blog?? Probably …

      Oh! Also, this week I’ll get on it with Miss Hasty and msg her about the threesome!! Manage a trois… 😉

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