Black Lace


Black Lace

A Romantic Monday Piece


As soon as you called

Is when I came

You’ve been constantly

On my mind

Memories of our last tryst

Accent this place

I’m dying to rewind

Time is not a factor

It always slips away

Just like our souls

Into the night

Every time we play

You always feel so right

With the softness of your skin

And the touch of your hands

On my body, my face

Tender lips kiss me gently…

You are not to be expected

Exquisite is your game

Exotic like a far away place

Fruit that is forbidden

Red satin covered windows

Tints the atmosphere in sexy shades

Black lace on my skin

To tempt you like I’m your prey

Candle lit ambiance

Dances on the walls

Soft music & sound

Slithers down the halls

I love you like lace

Take me away from this place

Tell me I’m amazing

Feel my warmth on your face

As time flies out the window

I’m lost in you again

Embrace to never let go

I love our beautiful sin

Let the past just slip away

Nothing hurts when hand in hand

Wild passion speaks to me

Intense are your demands

The shadows entice me to stay

You induce flames deep inside

Black lace is your taunter

Making beautiful sin that is mine

You and I become more …

Become one soul & heart

When we melt and share the air

Until death do us part

~~ J. Lefever ~~


For more Romantic Monday pieces follow the link provided to enjoy all the authors on Edward Hotspur’s brilliant site
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

15 responses to “Black Lace

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    • Oh, you linked this up! Thank you so much sweetness! This was the one I wrote especially for today! (Smiling) I hope it still gets a peak or two.. It’s a new style for me, I’m trying to write outside the ‘Jenny’ or ‘Tryst’ normal box… do different things with my writing .. (I hope I didn’t embaras myself… :0

    • I L.O.V.E.D writing this!! I have never written erotica, and this is hardly that, more like ‘soft’ erotica, or really really soft if even that! But, it’s a start for me, venturing into a new genre. That of the hot, sexy, sweet, dripping wet with passion type writing that I have not done before! It was fun, and surprisingly easy to write!! Wicked fun!!

      Oh, I started the threesome. It’s in Hasty’s Email box. So FYI, it’s floating around in Email space right now.. waiting for it’s next stanza! ~J

      • I did.. Oh shit I did, huh!?! I’m so used to writing the duet style, and you just hit ‘reply’ and back n forth, so forth.. it slipped my mind that we are in the triangle form here.. oops. Well, thanks for getting that to her for me. It did get to her, right? all 4 stanzas?

        …Well that kinda sucks too cause now you got a sneak peak on what’s to come.. awe man.. 🙂

      • I want to say this. You do not need to respond. Well, you can respond, but you don’t have to say anything back to me just to be nice, but… I feel honored to write with you and Hasty. I am not in your guys league. You are, kind to write a piece with me! Really, I feel nervous b/c I don’t want my stanza’s to stick out like, who wrote that crap and put it with all this wonderfulness…? (making nervous face… )


      • Well I can honestly say that I am glad we are finally getting to this writing trio we are working on now!! I am super into it.. I think that our three styles will really compliment each other nicely..

  2. Jen, I sent my piece back to Hotspur. I hate doing this after reading these comments but I am truly not in the frame of mind right now to right the kind of piece you guys are aiming for. I want to be eventually but I am afraid I will just ruin what you guys are trying to create. Use what I have written so far or not but maybe I can catch you two on the next one. I’m a flake…I am sorry.

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