Indecent Intentions

Indecent Intentions
A Piece of true Desperation
Piercing of your knife
Your words cut me like thorns
Deep in my skin they go
Their scars are permanently born
Intentions so wrong
Indecent they were
Have me screaming as to why
And you smile as I cry
Looking across the
Blueberry Sea
Imagining at time
When I was running free
Presently I beg for you
To listen as I need you to
This is what you mean to me
My world, my air, my everything I see
Sacrifices I have made
Just to stand by your side
While you cover up my spirit
Masking my true sense of pride
Suffocating emotions
Building up inside of me
Everytime I hear you lie
A tiny piece of our love dies
So further I fall
Drowning in your embrace
So lost inside of your own mind
Realities are nothing, to you, you’re blind
How to break these chains
Placed permanently on my wrists
A miracle is needed
To give me what I wish
~~ J. Lefever ~~
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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